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dd and naps.

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Knickers0nMaHead Wed 29-Jul-09 14:29:49

dd is 23mo and has started dropping her daytime nap. She was very hit and miss anyway. The only thing is she is wanting to sleep, or getting very cranky at about 5pm and i have no idea what to do. She is terrible at going to bed at night and wont go to sleep unless dp lays with her!

SingleMum01 Wed 29-Jul-09 18:23:28

You just need to bear through it, its a phase that will get better. Its just cos she's tired. Does she go to bed 6.30/7ish? My advice is just try and keep her going and keep calm - I know easier said than done! When my DS went through it I had to try not to go anywhere in the car late afternoon as he'd drop off then be a nightmare at bedtime.
The crankiness will get better and the going to bed will get better too - just a matter of time.

sewCreative Wed 29-Jul-09 18:44:16

SingleMum is right. My dd2 went through the same thing. she is now 2.9 years and has pretty much dropped her nap completely. The odd day she will still take herself up to bed and as long as she is awake before 2.30pm it doesn't affect bedtime.

When it first started i can remember the tantrums at teatime were hell so my sympathies. The days when i could keep her busy it was better and she didn't notice she missed her nap. We are through the other side - you will get there

One thing i did when she was tired and wanting/needing sleep, was to take a short trip in the car about 1130 after a snack and a drink and within 10mins she was out cold. i was lucky that i could move her from the car to bed and she'd stay asleep. She'd wake up in time for a late lunch about 1.30 It worked for us - its whatever gets you through - but it usually made her less grumpy at teatime

SingleMum01 Wed 29-Jul-09 18:55:28

I remember those days - driving in the car to get them to sleep, then not being able to go in the car 'cos they went to sleep! Its all good fun!

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