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Toilet trained for over 6 months and now deliberately peeing/pooing himself

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holdingittogether Wed 29-Jul-09 13:23:58

Ds3 is 2yrs 9 months. Was toilet trained back in January with few problems and has had very few accidents, even dry at night. This last week or 2 he appears to be peeing or pooing his pants on purpose. To start with I made no big deal out of it and just reminded him that he must stop what he is doing and go to toilet. Today he has done it 3 times and even laughed about it. I got cross. He has just hit the stage where any kind of toilet humour is hilarious and with having 2 big brothers they are just encouraging him. I don't have a problem with the toilet humour, I have to go in the other room sometimes because I can't help laughing myself. But I want to nip the messy pants thing in the bud right now.
How do you think I should handle this? Am I right to get cross and tell him off? Help....

MmeLindt Wed 29-Jul-09 13:27:29

A friend of mine had this problem with her DD. She realised that it was because she liked the attention, and liked getting changed into new clothes. She had a constant fashion show going on.

She stopped even reacting to her DD soiling her clothes, just put a pile of new clothes in the room and told her to change her clothes herself. She also put out grotty clothes that her girly girl did not like wearing. That is possibly not the case with your DS though.

If DS wees in the bed in the morning then I get him to help me strip the bed. He used to do this regularly as he could not be bothered to get up, the lazy sausage. Soon stopped when he saw how much work it is changing the bed.

danthe4th Wed 29-Jul-09 14:42:08

Try a bit of reverse psycology, get the nappies back out and tell him that he will have to go out in nappies, get his brothers to play along, say its a shame we can't go swimming,park etc as he can't use the toilet anymore and threaten to put him in nappies. See what happens. He is still very young, some children are still in nappies for a while yet,and he may be enjoying having his brothers home more in the holidays and just can't be bothered. You could try a star chart or a chocolate button for using the toilet.Or he may not be drinking enough.
I saw some fab star wars pants the other day that his older brothers would be impressed with you could buy them for him and tell him they need to be kept nice to show daddy at the end of the day. Try anything its just another phase that will pass.

holdingittogether Wed 29-Jul-09 15:33:05

Thank you for the replys. Not keen on threatening nappies again but like the new pants idea. I could let him choose couldn't I. He used to get really upset if he wet himself but now just laughs. Need to have a chat with the older 2 as well though. they need to stop laughing at him.

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