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Does anyone else have an 11month old who bites / hits? Please help!

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IwishIcouldmoonwalk Wed 29-Jul-09 11:36:16

I'm feeling really miserable about this today, as I've been bitten / swatted at any and every opportunity! Is anyone else going through this? I'm finding it really hard to be honest. I say a firm no biting / hitting, and try to encourage my lo to kiss (which he does do) or to be gentle. I then put him down / walk away but that seems to have no impact whatsoever. He is teething at the moment so it might well be that... but he just looks so cross with me when he does it! He's starting nursery a couple of afternoons a week in September, and I'm getting quite anxious that he'll start doing to other kids. Any advice? Sympathy? If it's a phase any thoughts on how long it will last? Thank you

BriocheDoree Wed 29-Jul-09 11:43:17

Yes, DS (now 2) did that. Only ever to me and not to other kids. Used to dump him in his cot with a firm "no biting".
It's just a sensory thing, not agressive. He'll grow out of it. Also, the nursery will be used to it. Just tell them he does it and they will have their own method of dealing with it!

IwishIcouldmoonwalk Wed 29-Jul-09 12:03:15

Thanks brioche - I suppose I need to somehow increase my capacity for patience! How long did it last, do you remember?

NezLiquide Thu 30-Jul-09 13:28:40

My DS (nearly 12m) is also biting but unfortunately he's bitten two other lo's at soft play and music class. It seems to happen when another baby touches him or has the toy he wants - I didn't think toddlerhood would start so soon. He is walking and has been for a couple of months and I am trying really hard to anticipate when he might bite so I've extracted him from most situations but it's difficult. I'm thinking of stopping going to situations where he can bite but it's just not practical/enjoyable. I was completely mortified when he bit another child. Fortunately her mother was nice about it but I still feel awful now when I see her. I've tried saying no, ignoring him, getting him to stroke/kiss me instead but it doesn't seem to be working. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure tbh sad

mum24uk Thu 30-Jul-09 20:17:43

My DD (18 months) doesn't bite, but she pinches and hits. I smack her hand, Not Hard, but just to let her know that she shouldn't do it. I would say that it has worked so far. Dont be anxious about nursery. my DD has been bitten twice now since shes been there, but that just what kids do. I'm sure that with some perservernce, they'll get over it.

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