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Any ideas for how to entertain 8 month old DD who is now crawling and into everything!

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papoose Wed 29-Jul-09 08:28:04

My DD is 8 months old and started crawling last week. She is very mobile now and charges around the flat. Trouble is, it is only a small flat and I am constantly having to monitor her to make sure that she is not getting into any trouble.

All her toys now seem too basic for her - I think she is bored with them - so I am looking for some suggestions of (cheap) toys that I can get which will keep her attention for longer.

Don't get me wrong, I spend a lot of the week at various groups and coffee mornings, but sometimes you have to get the housework done, don't you! I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

CaresMildly Wed 29-Jul-09 10:20:48

I haven't found anything that could exactly entertain mine for more than a few moments at a time, I'm afraid. TBH opening and shutting cupboard doors and playing with saucepans and wooden spoons and remote controls seem to amuse her more than any of her own toys.

However, one of those wind up cars (where scoot it back and it powers itself across the room) gave her something to chase which she seemed to enjoy, and balls to roll back and forth.

danthe4th Wed 29-Jul-09 14:51:52

Make some treasure baskets, google it, they will spend ages feeling all the different textures of whatever you find to put in them. Get a shallow whicker basket and fill with as many different textures you can find in the local pound shop, nail brush,small colander,wooden spoons,sponges,velvet cloths,musical instruments, anything. google heuristic play as well, it may give you some simple cheap ideas. and make sure you have some low level unbreakable mirrors they think theyve got a friend to play as they dont recognise themselves for many months yet.

papoose Wed 29-Jul-09 19:28:35

Thank you so much both, I will definitely do the heuristic play and will also look into getting a wind up car or something similar.

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