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Present ideas for DD's 1st birthday???

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kateecass Tue 28-Jul-09 22:24:10

What can I get her that will be really well used??

I know she won't know, but want my DS to see her get something. Poor girl gets chucked off the walker and loads of the other toys cos "that was mine when I was a baby" Grr.

Got her a Lilliputiens doll for Xmas...but her favourite "toy" is the remote control!

angel1976 Tue 28-Jul-09 22:54:47

A kitchen! We got a whole load of toys for DS for his first birthday and some were duplicate and some we just didn't like. A lot of them were from ELC so we took them back and got part credit to buy this! It's the best thing we ever bought him. It says 3-8 years old but just take out the small bits. We actually left everything out as it is and so far, it's been pretty safe. He plays with it everyday. I think what's nice about it is that it's DS's own little space. He can take everything out, put it all back in, use his other toys with it and he's allowed to do whatever he wants with it! It's also pretty compact. We have a small living room and it tucks away in a corner just fine. Lots of bits to fiddle with as well if that is what she likes!

kateecass Wed 29-Jul-09 09:38:46

Thanks Angel,

We already bought a lovely kitchen for DS, DOH (obviously not thinking about whther we had daughter or not next baby) and it's another of the toys she gets booted off. Tho, thankfully less so, as he's not too interested in it. Bottom drawer contains cars!!

Bluebella Fri 31-Jul-09 13:24:56

A trike?

beesonmummyshead Fri 31-Jul-09 18:33:17

PIL bought dd a lovely armchair and footstool in just her size for her 1st birthday. She LOVES it, one year on (although it does need a good wash grin)

she sits on it to watch tv, read books and generally have time to herself. Definitely the BEST present ever bought for her.

Along with the hobby horse which is hidden away as it drives me INSANE

stealthsquiggle Fri 31-Jul-09 18:38:18

OP - I take a zero-tolerance approach to "that was mine when I was a baby". Only toys which DS still plays with can be claimed, and now DD is approaching Playmobil age I am working towards that becoming 'shared' as well (stuff she gets is added to the general pool, but only as long as it is all shared).

You need something that DS will desire so that reciprocal agreements can be reached, I feel.

DD got a wheelybug for her 1st birthday which DS coveteds?

deaconblue Fri 31-Jul-09 19:21:27

ds bought dd a beautiful photo frame with winnie the pooh on it. we've put a photo of the pair of them in it and plan to change it on her birthday every year til she's old enough to say she doesn't want her brother's picture in her room any more
we bought ds and dd a chair like this chairfor their first bdays. They both love them and snuggle up to watch tv or read. my 13 yr old niece can just squeeze into them so will last for ages.

angel1976 Fri 31-Jul-09 19:21:31

bees - Any idea where your PIL got the armchair and footstool from? I'm thinking of getting one for DS... He loves his bumbo but at 17 months, he is starting to get stuck in it! LOL! grin

meep Fri 31-Jul-09 19:28:27

wheelybug - still used and she is now 2yo

but we have the mouse!

dinkystinky Fri 31-Jul-09 19:30:37

another vote for a wheely bug - DS1 got his for his first birthday and loved it. Will be passed on to DS2 as soon as he can crawl..

beesonmummyshead Sat 01-Aug-09 18:40:18

angel MFI I believe it is grubby, but is VERY well used. DD is hanging over it at the moment with her bottle of milk and book in her jammies

angel1976 Sat 01-Aug-09 19:12:12

Great, it's in administration! I just can't decide if I should get a beanbag one (cheap) or invest in a more expensive proper one... Thanks anyway!

beesonmummyshead Sat 01-Aug-09 20:18:18

I like to cut corners and save cash, but I wil honestly say that this chair is used SO much it just wouldn't have lasted if it were not of good quality. It has survived food/drink spillages, climbing and jumping on, every day for a year now. dd will often reject my lap for her "pink chair"

PartOfTheHumphreysGroup Sat 01-Aug-09 20:25:41

Ooh I'm getting my dd a wheelybug for her bday! Glad it's a good choice
jojomamanbebe have baby sized chairs, not sure how good they are but they look cute and you can at least still buy from them!

pranma Sat 01-Aug-09 21:55:13

A bookcase with some new storybooks.Letterbox do one with canvas slings for the books instead of shelves.

Chunkamatic Sat 01-Aug-09 23:25:49

Is she walking? What about a pushchair or a pram for her dollies? DS loves his pushchair (although none of his toys are actually allowed to sit in it!)

We also got him a wheelybug for his birthday but he doesnt quite "get" it... he just pushes it round much the same as the pushchair. He'll sit on it if i push it but that is just back breaking!!

angel1976 Sun 02-Aug-09 21:26:40

Anyone know anywhere where you can get a toddler armchair for less than the £99 Jojo Maman Bebe is selling for???

I can vouch for the wheelybug. I have friends whose DS is 10 and he can still whizz around on it!

beesonmummyshead Sun 02-Aug-09 21:45:37

if you serch ebay for childs armchair it comes back with 70 results, though i've not looked through them all. Otherwise ikea?

surpriseme Sun 02-Aug-09 23:01:39

How about the vtech discovery tree? I bought one for my 2yr old when she turned one and also my (now)2yr old neice on her 1st birthday.They both still play with it and so do alot of guests right up to the age of 3-4.

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