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eye appointment as hospital today. help with nhs voucher

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lucymum2four Tue 28-Jul-09 21:20:09

My god we were there 3 1/2 hours.
had to see 2 dr's and nurse.

anyway was given prescription for glasses as ds is long sighted in both eyes. But worse in left. 2.0 right and 4.5 left..has to go back as will need patch for right eye to wear under the glasses.

after waiting all that time missed the opticians. but looked on the website and has seen a pair of simpsons glasses that he wants they cost £64 which i thought not bad.
but wanted to know can he get those with NHS voucher? was'nt sure if he could as there character. does anyone know how much the voucher is for? dont mind paying towards cost. grin

Seona1973 Tue 28-Jul-09 22:04:25

I am not sure how much the voucher is worth but I do know that the optician will normally have a range of frames that will be free with the voucher and others that you can pay towards. I have always had free frames for dd as she is only 5 (had glasses since she was 18 months) and doesnt need the more expensive frames. Why not phone the optician and ask how much the nhs voucher will cover?

pickyvic Tue 28-Jul-09 22:53:30

it varies from optician to optician. we have a range that are fully covered with the voucher, then some like bench that you pay £25 towards. i work at an independent. i know specsavers do mostly cover the cost fully with the voucher unless you go for "designer for teens" which you pay £40 towards.
best thing to do is go to the optician themselves and ask. they do vary depending on where you go.
hth. x

Northumberlandlass Wed 29-Jul-09 07:56:15

My DS (5) has glasses and have been through the whole thing !
We go to our local independent opticians for check up's etc. My DS has astigmatism in both eyes, tho his left is much worse.

Just as Pickyvic said the nhs voucher does vary. The first pair DS got were an extra £8 (didn't break the bank), we have since had two more pairs. The last (which DS and DH chose) are Star Wars (v cool) but they were an extra £29 !! That is the most I have ever paid, defo worth it. He looks great.

The Opticians will be able to help you. The Star Wars glasses were ordered in especially for DS and any optician worth their salt will happily order you some Simpson's ones!

Our Opticians basically asked us what style we wanted and she got about 15 pairs for us to look through.

The good thing to bear in mind that even if you don't get nhs glasses and choose to use your voucher and pay additional costs etc the NHS will still carry out all repairs to frames / lenses free of charge (which we've had to do a few times). We also have to go in every few months to get them straightened !!!

Hope DS gets his Simpson glasses ! My DS LOVES his Star Wars ones...he even cleans them grin

lucymum2four Wed 29-Jul-09 16:35:01

Thank guys

Ordered his glasses today. DS went with the scooby doo in the end. whole price was coverd by voucher..

thanks for info smile

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