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Need to move DD 2.7 into a big girls bed - is she too young for a mid sleeper?

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sunshine17 Tue 28-Jul-09 14:30:42

She is in a cot bed. Not the best sleeper in the world but I've been saying for a while now if you start sleeping through the night then mummy will get you a big bed.

She has had two night of sleeping through so far (Yay!) and has woke up asking for a bunk bed with a ladder!! (naughty Peppa Pig).

I'm obviously not going to put her in a bunk bed but I've seen a mid sleeper which has a little tent underneath - it's 1.27m high.

Is the risk of her falling out too dangerous to contemplete a bed like this or has anyone put there LO in one from a similar age.


sazm Tue 28-Jul-09 14:35:52

my dd sleeps in her brothers mid sleeper,she is fine,
the one in argos with the tent is good as it has rails around the sides which stop them falling out,

buggylovinmummy Tue 28-Jul-09 14:37:37

My dd had one at 2.5 and now my ds has just got one at 2.11.

Some people will say they were too young but mine never had a problem with them as they cant fall out because theres a bar at the side. If she can climb up and down the ladder she should be fine.

Mine have the ones with the tent underneath which they love playing under and also its great for storage for all the toys.This is the reason i got them as their bedrooms arent that big so its a good way to keep all their toys tidy.

sunshine17 Tue 28-Jul-09 14:42:22

That's reassuring - thanks. I have put it off for so long now! - I know that now she's mentioned a bed with a ladder I will not be let off the hook.

buggylovinmummy Tue 28-Jul-09 14:47:12

Dont let her look in the argos book then as they do them with slides too, she,ll want that one then grin

sunshine17 Tue 28-Jul-09 14:48:50

ha ha - I did see that one but I thought that's just tooooooo tempting for a little girl - especially for one I'm not expecting to stay in bed once she realises she doesn't have to!

A tiny weeny part of me is secretly hoping she is going to sleep better.

buggylovinmummy Tue 28-Jul-09 14:52:56

My dd had the one with the slide and it is great but takes up loads of room in her bedroom so finally persuaded her recently that at 6 shes getting a big girl and we,ve taken it off.

Hope it works and she sleeps better for you smile

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