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Crazy long baby - any ideas?

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Skillbo Mon 27-Jul-09 22:37:31

I had my first daughter just over 6 weeks ago and she is fabulous behaviour wise. However, my partner's family are all very tall and she seems to be taking after them as she is really long.

I am hoping there will be some posters with a similar problem as she is now almost too long for her moses basket and would love some ideas on what people now do about afternoon naps etc. Because she is so little, it has been really handy just popping her in the basket when she is snoozing during the day as I can keep an eye on her without having to traipse backwards and forwards to the bedroom (sorry, might be over protective first time mum but also like her knowing I'm just there as well!).

I will go with putting her in the cot if that;s the best suggestion but I wondered if anyone has some creative hints of ways to keep her closer.

Also, as she will soon be too long for her pram - should I worry about putting her in a pushchair that doesn't lie flat when she is still so young (she will last a bit longer in the pram than the moses basket but still likely to be an issue before too long).


sewCreative Mon 27-Jul-09 23:00:15

If you've space for a travel cot downstairs then that could be your answer... it can also double up as a short term play pen as she gets a bit bigger, if you need somewhere safe for a few mins.

My dd1 and dd2 never liked lying flat anyway so we always went for walks in either the car seat clicked onto the wheels or baby slings anyway and i think as long as their heads are well supported and aren't at such an angle that their heads flop forward and put neck under strain, I don't see a problem.

OnlyWantsOne Mon 27-Jul-09 23:06:07

How long was she at birth? My DD was 53 cm - and now at the age of 2 (she's 3 in Oct) she has been wearing age 3-4 clothes for a while, but she's such a string bean that they are all too big round the waist so have to get adjustable stuff.

RE moses basket - I used a bean bag for nap times, still use it now - or a nest of cussions on the floor with a blankett over them (had no pets so was fine)

MrsOlf Tue 28-Jul-09 08:05:17

DD2 was 60 cm when born, much to our shock as neither of us are tall. She grew out of her moses basket very quickly but for some reason was happier sleeping in her pram (even though it was basically the same size) until she was about 4 months. She also was happy to sleep in a bouncy chair (which went almost flat) so that is worth a try too.

sleeplessinstretford Tue 28-Jul-09 08:25:56

My 2 were 62 and 64cm respectively.
Get a monitor and put her in her cot upstairs-you'll be amazed how much easier it is to get stuff done/sleep on the setee when they are properly in bed.
I had a proper carry cot for my dd's on my pram/s which they slept in down stairs until they were a few months old.
I wouldn't use the car seat option,they look so uncomfortable slumped like that.

Skillbo Tue 28-Jul-09 09:54:50

Thanks - she was about 54cm when she was born but has definitely stretched somewhat since then.

I am liking the beanbag idea but would worry that if she moves around a lot, which she can do before she settles, she might fall off or smother herself. Not sure if this is a genuine concern as the beanbag will fit around her?

We don't really have room for a travel cot although that's a good idea. I think we will go with her proper bed once she's too big - as Sleepless says, I will probably get more done and she won't be a million miles away.

Thanks again!

sleeplessinstretford Tue 28-Jul-09 14:42:28

aren't beanbags a bit dodgy in case they suffocate? i don't know why i think this- it might be one of my mothers manias (ditto cats and babies and 'never give a baby stone fruit')

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