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Meav Mon 27-Jul-09 11:05:08


My 19 week old has been going to bed between 9-10 since he was 7 weeks, i am not sure whether i should be trying to implement an earlier bed time for him, I have tried but he gets very cross when i put him down any earlier as he isnt sleepy and he crys and crys which is very stressful for my partner and I and for him!

Any advise would be grateful, I am wondering if i should keep trying for an earlier bed time or wait until he is on solid food and able to get more energy out by crawling etc.. before i try this?

My friends babies seem to go down at 7-7.30 but he is showing no signs of that.

Many thanks

TurtleAnn Mon 27-Jul-09 11:16:32

My 14-week old has a bed time of 7pm at the latest (usually around 6pm). I am using Sleepsense to get a healthy sleep routine established, by M. Faure and A. Richardson.

I personally don't think it matters much at this age, so long as the kids get enough sleep overall. However, this will become a problem if left long term. I have seen plenty of children in school (as a visiting professional) who have bedtimes late in the night (after 8pm) who are far too tired to do school work.

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