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Ok, so looking for your top tips for getting, and keeping, toddlers in the bath.

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fourlittlefeet Sun 26-Jul-09 20:37:12

DD used to love bath times but now they are such a struggle! I've tried buying new toys, making up characters that live in the bath (bath bear anyone?), telling stories, and reserving pudding for when she is in there. Its just not cutting the mustard anymore and I find the fight every evening exhausting (though at least its no longer about going to sleep!).

So.. your top tips please!

merryandmad Sun 26-Jul-09 20:48:39

Have you got a bath dolly?
Ask her to wash it.

Also ask her to clean the bath.
My dd's make a wonderful job of cleaning the tiles on the bathroom wall and the taps, but then they get mucky so have to be washed aswell. I have to admit we still use that one and dd's are nearly 5 and 3 blush

thisisyesterday Sun 26-Jul-09 20:51:09

ok well she doesn't need a bath every night, so if it's a real struggle then just don't do it!
a couple of times a week is just fine IMO.
chuck her in, quick wash and then out again.

if she doesn't enjoy it then there is really no point forcing it. as long as she is clean that's all that matters really

amidaiwish Sun 26-Jul-09 20:53:44

couple of times a week really is enough unless very mucky/covered in suncream.

bath crayons?

sherby Sun 26-Jul-09 20:55:34

straws for blowing bubbles under the water

pots/jugs for tipping into each other

those bath crayons that you write on the wall with

bubble faces

preggersplayspop Sun 26-Jul-09 21:02:15

If you find the answer let me know!

My DS goes through phases, tonight no bother, other nights impossible to get him near it. I don't insist every night, but generally offer/encourage most evenings (unless he's really tired).

I sometimes run the water and wait for him to get curious, he quite often comes and has a look then asks to get in.

Tonight he went in with daddy (he likes doing this on Sundays) which did the trick.

Sometimes try toys speaking to him and asking him to come and have a bath. Makes him laugh, but doesn't always work.

He has loads of toys in the bath, including the crayons (the red ones are a b**ger to get off) and often will whinge a bit then I can't get him out! You just can't win can you??

He likes cups and watering cans to play with the best I think.

Also tried running the water via the attached shower head, which he likes (it tickles him).

madeindevon2 Mon 27-Jul-09 12:01:05

i say its my bath and get undressed to get in
usually prompts a race as to who can get in first - me or him!!
i dont mind getting in with him to save tantrums....but dont have to every night.
making "cups of tea" for me with pots also helps to keep him in...

Sidge Mon 27-Jul-09 12:27:13

Get in with her.

Squirty soap - it's not cheap but my girls love this

Have a shower with her? Or buy her some goggles for the bath?

notsoteenagemum Mon 27-Jul-09 12:42:15

Buy a cheap paddling pool, you can put it either outside or inside(the bathroom or kitchen floor is good) fill it with warm water and bubble bath, let her wear her swimming costume so it really feels different to a bath.

After a few goes you can suggest 'deep' swimming in the bath, it worked for ds who developed a huge 'allergy' to baths about 18 months.

oysterpots Mon 27-Jul-09 13:58:11

We had this with DS who suddenly hated his bath. One day he was awful about it, the next he was fine! They're weird like that.

Anyway, things worth a try:
* bath in the morning when not so tired
* songs about which bits to wash
* telling DS he had giraffe arms, gorilla legs etc that needed washing from all that mud at the zoo hmm
* using the flannel to clean the bath
* buying him a bathtime tea set - he loves making tea in the bath and will now actually sit down in it - a miracle

We also used to have real problems with him screaming when having his hair washed - I washed his hair with no problems at all on Saturday by telling him it was raining on his head (it'd been raining all day and we'd spent HOURS singing Incy Wincey). I can't believe he fell for it but he was even smiling at one point when the water was pouring off him.

Keep on keeping on and it will be ok eventually.

noramum Mon 27-Jul-09 16:47:45

Too hot or too cold water? We had it also very suddenly and discovered she prefers lukewarm water.

Try a shower,togehter with you or your partner.

A bath partner, doll, bath animal?

fourlittlefeet Mon 27-Jul-09 20:35:50

I'm loving all of these! Especially the bathroom cleaning, tea and dolly washing ones...can see that may be an improvement on bath bear (a tiny plastic bear with green boots who hides under the bubbles <<desperate mummy emoticon>>

I really can't face bath crayons as have DS who is 6 months old as well, and once they are in bed I need to mumsnet, not clean the bath wink.

Will try changing the temp too. I think its boredom though, and the fact that it means the beginning of bedtime.

do keep them coming!!

fourlittlefeet Mon 27-Jul-09 21:12:23

merry I'm impressed you've managed to keep the ruse going with a 5 year old!

LRL Fri 25-Sep-09 10:36:03

Wow, all these baths! I've never been able to justify the amount of water to myself. And, for people who don't sweat and are wipe-clean, why bother?! Used to bath them once or twice a week, but now find it easier to shower them and they love it! They probably have a bath once a month as given the choice they'll shower. Also, bathtime always seems to descend into armageddon with both son and daughter wanting the same thing!

janou8 Fri 25-Sep-09 14:57:26

A toy washing machine worked for us: this one DS1 loves it still so worth every penny!

tinks77 Wed 04-Nov-09 15:29:10

Boring as it may sound, i am a stickler for routine and my DS seems to have learnt that too, he asks for a bath around the same time every night which is handy! He likes popping bubbles that i blow and then having a turn, jugs collanders cups anything for pouring he seems to love. Against my better judgement i started letting him take a plastic ball in the tub with him which he'll throw against the wall and laugh hysterically as it comes back full pelt!!! The trouble came then in trying to get him out the tub so what we now do is name every animal toy as we put it back in the box, do an impression!! he knows now that once the toys are out he pulls the plug and when the waters gone the bath is finished.

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