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How old were your kids when they could wash their own hair without help?

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Miaou Sun 22-May-05 20:18:31

I wash my dds hair in the shower (they are 6.5 and nearly 8), but dh thinks they should be able to manage it by themselves by now. They can, sort of, but end up only washing the top and getting soap in their eyes so it's less hassle to do it myself! However as he reasonably points out they will not learn this way. Do you think I should pursue getting them to manage alone, or are they a bit too young yet? At what age could your kids manage it by themselves?

Posey Sun 22-May-05 20:23:01

As we don't have a shower, dd has her hair washed in the bath then rinsed with a shower attachment which I think is quite awkward.
But in a shower, at mums or after swimming, she can do it pretty well as she has both hands free. She's nearly 8.

Frizbe Sun 22-May-05 20:23:41

ss is 7 and he can wash his own, has been doing since 6.

Lonelymum Sun 22-May-05 20:24:26

Mine can't really yet and my oldest (both boys) are nearly 9 and 7. They certainly can't handle a hand held shower if they wash their hair over a bath. In the shower, they can manage, but I watch them still to make sure they do it properly and I always put the shampoo on their heads to make sure the right amount goes on.

Do your dds have long hair? If so, I think that is quite hard for them to manage to wash on their own. I am trying to remember how old I was when I washed my hair on my own - older I think.

vickiyumyum Sun 22-May-05 20:25:49

my ds is 7 and can wash his hair on his own in the shower, i just measure out the shampoo into his hand and he does the rest, but if he is in the bath then, i do it for him as he can't rinse it properly (not sure why) he has been washing his hair in the shower since he was almost 6.

vickiyumyum Sun 22-May-05 20:28:16

ah yes, just noticed dd's, completley different to ds if they have long hair, even jaw/shoulder length hair would be difficult, i should imagine that it will be another couple of years yet! i don't remeber washing my own hair until i was about 11 (hair was down past my bottom though)and that was only because i wouldn't let my mum or dad into the bathroom with me anymore!

Miaou Sun 22-May-05 20:36:46

Think that might be the issue, actually, ie length of hair, dd1 has jaw-length, dd2 has shoulder length, and the main problem seems to be getting the shampoo all over, then getting the shampoo all rinsed off!

However I think I should maybe persevere at getting them to do it themselves - just taking the easy route out atm

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