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Potty training - weeing sorted but poo a nightmare

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chocomummy Fri 24-Jul-09 20:48:40

My 2.5 year old has been weeing fairly succesfully on potty since end of March. For love nor money (nor chocolate) can not get her to do Poo in toilet or potty - any ideas????

Think she got a bit consipated from all that holding on, but now on lactalouse - so confident it is soft enough not to hurt. Still will hang on for ages, then require 4, 5, 6, +++ new pairs of pants during the next few hours and she does small poos.

Tried star chart with increasing rewards - still no stars help.........

RuthChan Fri 24-Jul-09 21:16:46

My DD is also 2.5 and has just successfully potty trained. In the beginning, she was happy to do wees on the potty, but was scared to do poos. She asked for a nappy every time she needed one. After the poo she then went back into pants. I didn't worry too much about this and was happy to play along. In the meantime, she started to produce tiny poos on the potty. The first one was raisen-sized and she was delighted and extremely proud of herself. These steadily increased in size until they finally became full-sized poos and she overcame her fear. She now no longer asks for nappies and just goes to the potty. (The whole process took about 3 weeks.) Try not to worry. Just give your DD some time and she will get there too.

anotherbadnight Fri 24-Jul-09 21:47:01

i second that - not rushing it is the best thing. ds used to sneak off round the corner and poo in his pants every single day for about weeks. it was pretty horrendous, I admit, but eventually he decided to give it a shot on the potty and then was dry all day and all night within a couple of months. Hooray! good luck

120cms Thu 27-Aug-09 22:38:01

I'm another one coming on to 'do' a thread and finding you all!

We tried potty training DD back in April but I found it too stressful for all the reasons above so put her back in nappies. I felt a bit pressurised to do it by nursery and when I realised this and talked to DD, she agreed that we should put the potty away as it was causing us both too much stress. (she was only 23 months at this point and my DS was 3 months old!).

This week she has decided not to wear nappies and after the first day of wetting (when someone took pity on me and said I needed to remind her), she is dry even during 2 1/2 hour naps, but I am having the old pant poo scenario. She used the potty this morning with no pants on, first of all saying I need a wee, then realising it was a poo and being very distressed and saying I'm scared, then doing it and making a big fuss about the mess. Then later looked at me and said I'm doing a poo. She was right. Why is it soooo awful in pants??? They seem to be poo conductors. Must say I bin them as really can't cope with scraping them.

No news really, just joining up in the hope that I might find some brief <<haha>> respite.

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