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8 month old keeps falling over and banging his head

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ruty Sun 22-May-05 15:03:41

i really don't know, this may be normal, but this weekend he's started leaning over to get something, sitting, and then just toppled over and banged his head really hard on the carpet. he's been beside himself with upset after both occasions, and i wondered if he should be able to put out his hands to break his fall at this age. Last night he threw up all his supper which he has never done before and i wonder if he really hurt his head. seems ok otherwise. wondering if i should call the doc.

swiperfox Sun 22-May-05 15:09:30

My ds is 11 months now and still falls over onto his haead - quite often backwards if he's cruising around the furniture. I started a thread about it too - i'll see if i can find it so you can see what everyone said.
I think they must all go through it, ds certainly hasn't learnt to put his hands out yet!

If he was sick after banging his head you should probably keep a close eye on him. Did he knock himself out at all or did he cry straight away?

Might be worth ringing the docs in the morning and just asking - won't do any harm although i'm sure he's fine.

Ds has just come baxck from shopping with ta big red mark above his eye where he tried to get away from me and fell lroward onto the edge of the car door .... ouch!!!

Auntfanny Sun 22-May-05 15:09:40

my ds falls over alto its just that he hasnt learn abut balence yet, i always sit him on a duvet and scatter cusions about so if he falls he doesnt hurt himself, ehaty you need to look out for when he bangs his head is sudden tiredness, sickeness dizzyness and passing out if he does take him to a&e, but he will learn in time to get balance hiomself

LIZS Sun 22-May-05 15:10:44

They do tend to break their falls with their heads first unfortunately , takes a while for hands to do so. They are pretty resilient and carpet would soften the impact, it often soudns wirse than it is. I would think it is probably ok if he hasn't had any other "symptoms" since last night. It is likely he cried more out of shock than any injury but if he was n't sick very soon afterwards, slept ok, isn't drowsy and seems normal otherwise don't worry but keep an eye on him.

hunkermunker Sun 22-May-05 15:15:28

DS first caught himself when he fell when he was just 9mo, so it may be that your DS isn't far off doing it. Hope so!

ruty Sun 22-May-05 15:16:07

he is sat on a mat with pillows around him, and he often falls`back onto the pillows, but this weekend is the first time he has started to fall forward. he fell over first yesterday mid morning and was sixk at around eight after supper, so don't know if its related. then he fell again today. that really did it. He cried after both falls, after about fifteen seconds of open mouthed shock and inability to breathe in! but not unconscious. he is a bit irritable today, i might ring the emergency doc for advice tho i hate calling them.

ruty Sun 22-May-05 15:16:26

i mean sick..

Saacsmum Mon 23-May-05 09:04:19

just to change the subject slightly ruty but he is sitting! YAY for him...Saac is just starting to as well, he tries to get on to his tummy when he cant reach things and ends up going thwack as well so maybe ds is trying to change positions or reach for something and then loosing it.

ruty Mon 23-May-05 11:35:26

yes, its good they are sitting isn't it saacsmum? he just seems to hurt himself so much tho! his glands are up on his neck as well, doc doesn't know why, yet another thing to worry about. glad Saac is making good progress.

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