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Do you find yr fussy eater will eat better if you leave them alone?

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titferbrains Fri 24-Jul-09 12:48:44

I find if I am sat with dd trying to offer her things she will reject them and then when I get up to tidy/wash up etc, she picks up the previously offensive item and starts nibbling it! Just wondering why!

girlywhirly Fri 24-Jul-09 13:57:41

I think most children hate being forced to do anything, and I think you're right to let her get on with it by herself.

I had a small appetite as a child and as a young adult, I actually used to lose interest in eating when people said things like "Oh you've hardly got anything on your plate, here you must have some more." And if I said no thank you, they would say "Can I get you anything else instead? What about some Y, or Z? Are you sure you've had enough?" All this fuss made me feel even less like eating! I'm convinced that a lot of so called fussy eaters would manage much better with their meals if they were just left to get on with it in peace!

I'm sure you're not making her eat things she doesn't want, but if she thinks you want her to eat something in particular, she will refuse it as a matter of course. Don't show any intense interest in what or how much she eats, and I think you'll be surprised.

bethdivine Fri 24-Jul-09 14:29:27

how old is your DD? DS is 2.5 and currently at the fussy stage. I don't know what he genuinely doesn't like or is just being awkward about, plus has chronic constipation, so appetite not huge all the time. - Charlie & Lola also done some damage as now he won't eat peas (previous fave!). I sit down to eat with him, but if he's still not munching by the time I finish, I get up and do some tidying or whatever. If he's still not eaten a lot, then I'll take a little snack into the living room/outside, and not even mention it, just pop it with his drink, then I know he'll snack if hungry. Sometimes I'll put something treaty down with it, like small pack buttons or biscuit or cake, which he'll def eat, then generally it follows if he's hungry he'll also eat the cereal/sandwich etc. too.

It's a mine field though isn't it?!!

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