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DS (2.5) won't sleep in bed - keep finding him on the floor... What to do?

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monkeybumsmum Thu 23-Jul-09 21:36:47

Pretty straightforward really - we said goodbye to the cot ten days ago, and since then he refuses to sleep in his bed and each evening, when he eventually settles down, we find him asleep on the floor just inside his door.

It's very sweet to see, and we've had a few laughs from friends when we've told them, but we are getting worried. We have tried offering rewards, I have slept in his bed for a couple of hours with him, but nothing we do seems to be working!

DS has always been a great sleeper, and used to go (until last week angry) for about 11/12 hours. His behaviour is not great atm, and seems to be getting worse - I know it's because he's exhausted. He messes around in his room for ages now before falling asleep, and if we go upstairs he starts giggling and races to his bed. Am sure he thinks it's all a game!

Should we just keep on going and hope that one night he'll surprise us and fall asleep in his bed, or is there something else we should be doing? Any advice appreciated! Thanks smile

wheresclaire Thu 23-Jul-09 22:18:27

Exactly the same problem with my DD. She is 3. Have you tried offering a treat if he stays in his bed all night? I wake up every morning with DD asleep beside me. She also plays with her toys in her room, but I think she is just enjoying her freedom, knowing that she is being a bit naughty. We now put her to bed half an hour early, so she thinks she is staying up late to play in her room. Then we start the nagging!

MollieO Thu 23-Jul-09 22:28:15

Ds used to do this when he first started sleeping in a bed. I left him and made sure that he had a nightlight in his room so I didn't trip over him when I went in to check on him. Sometimes he'd pull the covers off the bed and other times he didn't. I left him to it and he grew out of it after about 3 or 4 months.

wrinklytum Thu 23-Jul-09 22:31:41

I have dd on a matress on the floor at the moment.We are getting a proper bed soon.She has sn so amgradually weaning her from cot-bed.I think you can get bed guard rails from Argos.

monkeybumsmum Fri 24-Jul-09 08:35:47

Glad I'm not alone smile

wheresclaire, that's not a bad idea putting him to bed earlier - will try that this evening!

MollieO 3 or 4 months shock Gosh I hope ds stops before then. He is waking up literally all the time with him being on the floor... Last night he woke at 1.15, 2.30, 4somethng or other and then half six. Each time he won't stop crying and so I end up going to him. This morning I was so tired I ended up putting my lenses in the wrong eyes grin

wrinklytum, i think we should've done that, rather than expect ds to transfer instantly and without problem to a bed... Have you had any problems changing to a mattress on the floor rather than a cot?

Can I go back to bed now please? grin

titferbrains Fri 24-Jul-09 12:43:40

Have you tried having a special bedtime toy that he can play with in bed till he falls asleep? I have special upstairs toys that I give to dd if she wakes up too early, that she doesn't see during the day so they have a bit of novelty value when she does see them. Maybe you could use this idea to encourage him to stay in bed?

mamakim Fri 24-Jul-09 14:42:38

My DS is the same, he went from cot to bed about 4 weeks ago and was initially a dream but now it's like he's twigged he can get out and mess about!

Last night was like an episode of 'supernanny' with DH and i going up (two flights!) every 10 mins and pitting him back in bed only for him to be at the gate (he jas one on his door as it leads out to steep stairs) shouting us.

Tried offering him a treat in the morning but he's 24 months and only really gets instant gratification atm. So he just starts shouting "park" or "stickers" etc!

He eventually (9.30) feel asleep in bed but he has to get up at 7.30 for his dad to take him to nursery so he's grumpy and shattered today. Previously when he's fallen asleep on the (wooden) floor i've carried him into bed when i've gone to bed and he's stayed there.

He used to we such a good sleeper <<sob>> and i have 11 week old DD to contend with too.

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