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22mth old ability compared to my other son

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Elliejane Wed 22-Jul-09 19:23:58


I know you should not compare you children and they are all different but just wanted some advice to see if you think my 2nd son is progressing ok

I have 2 sons one 5 and other 22mths

5 year old talked really early by time he was 2 was talking in 4/5 word sentences, knew most of colours, count to 10 , knew most animals by proper names and a lot of shapes etc. could do jigsaws probably of 5 to 8 bits

He however would not climb more than one step up a climbing frame, would not go near a bouncy castle with other kids on it, was very cautious round all physical activities

2nd son is nearly 2 knows not one colour at all, can count 1 to 2 sometimes 3 , know a handful of animals but not proper names, can say about 20 2 word sentences etc ie in here, more juice, where is, etc etc. Just seems so far behind my other son though and has no clue at all what to do with jigsaws just looks at them. He is just rough and ready and want to run and chase and jump all time right up top of climbing frames will not sit still at all for more than 5 to 10 mins , no interest in tv programmes etc

Should I be concerned is he normal for his age etc. Worried he is too boisterous but nursery says he is good as gold and quiet there

Is it because i have spent much less time with him on one to one than other son. Just feel bad

Anyone with 2 children or one my youngest age at same stage!

Know I am being silly but just want best for them

PS oldest son is still same doing very well at school but nto got his stabilisers off his bike yet !!


whomovedmychocolate Wed 22-Jul-09 19:27:04

Your oldest son had your undivided attention - you probably took more notice. Also it's well known that second children develop differently - they are mobile quicker but language skills lag somewhat till they reach about three when it all equalises.

You are being a bit daft to compare them - they are two different people. You probably have two kids with entirely different personalities and that's how it should be.

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