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DS doesn't copy. How else will he learn??

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scrummymum Wed 22-Jul-09 12:22:15

My DS (almost 19 months) doesn't copy things.

He was late sitting up, crawling and walking. He still isn't walking properly. He can walk (wobbly) across a room but still crawls most of the time. He went for a development appointment for his walking and it has been found that he has a condition called Hyperlaxity (double jointed) that hinders his walking but will do it eventually.

He only has a few words. Hiya and mama are quite clear but can say dada and whatsthat less clear.

He can clap and do how big is he but only when he wants to. He doesn't do it when I ask. He points to things, mainly pictures which he loves and is a very happy boy, who is very engaging and who likes interacting.

My problem is that he doesn't copy anything so how is he ever going to learn to say things. When I point at something and say the word, he either ignores me or looks bemused.

He is good at stacking things and eating finger foods and knowing how to flip the top on his cup but I am worried about how much he is understanding. He won't pass anything to me and if I ask where's your milk/cup/teddy, he won't point to it or give it to me.

This was also looked into at the development appointment but the doctor said that it wasn't important.

I am pleased that he is in the system but the worry while we wait for another appointment is huge.

Does this sound like a huge problem.

Seeline Wed 22-Jul-09 12:27:08

Certainly alot of boys particularly don't develop language skills until later. Most are speaking reasonably by 2.5 so it's early days yet. Does he make sounds? babbling etc are early forms of speech. Does he appear to understand what you are saying, even if he won't do what you ask? can he hear properly?

scrummymum Wed 22-Jul-09 12:35:36

He chatters rubbish all day long with different tones to his voice. He understands no although ignores that most of the time too. He will give a kiss if I say give me a kiss and then pucker my lips and if I say clap and then do it myself so he does understand a mixture of showing and talking.

My DD was an average speaker but once she had started, she would try and mimic what I was saying even if she couldn't do it or didn't understand what the word meant.

I can say for instance cat and point at my cat and he makes no attempt to say anything. He just looks at me as if I am a bit daft. I have tried reading books with him which he loves. But he won't try to copy me.

Seeline Wed 22-Jul-09 16:15:01

Perhaps it's still abit early for him. Certainly keep reading with him. Another good way of encouraging language development is singing - not just the words, but the rhythm and rhyme is all good. I used to take my 2 to a singing group which was good fun, and I.m sure that helped alot.

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