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sleeping nightmare help!

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hollygiz1 Wed 22-Jul-09 09:27:32

My daughter is 13 months and she usually gets ups at around 7ish then has a sleep bout 9.30 for a couple of hours then has another sleep in afternoon bout 2 for a couple of hours and bed bout 7/8ih and seems to sleep straight through but if she only has 1 sleep though day which is sometimes all i can manage, say she gets up abit late and only time for 1 sleep or i go anywhere(as she wont sleep out)she seems to wake up at 11 till bout 2 or 3 in the morning and then at 4.30 like shes confussed with her sleeps, dont know what to do as its hard for her to have 2 sleeps sometimes as i feel like im forcing her to sleep like shes not bothered for one of them, any suggestions please????

meandjoe Wed 22-Jul-09 16:36:10

bumo. What do you do when she wakes up in the night? Doe sshe want milk or cuddls or just to play? I think just jigging her naps around may help. Is there any way you could just be quite strict with the naps and only let her have one a day in the morning say 11am-1pm. 4 hours of napping in the day does sound like a lot for a13 month old but then again my ds hardly ever napped for over 30 mins til her was 14 months old so not sure what's considered 'normal'!

hollygiz1 Wed 22-Jul-09 17:22:22

She wants to play try n put her with us dosnt work then put her back in cot she crys so end up giving in and coming downstairs n try to get her to sleep which takes forever shes not hungry, thats what ive tried just one sleep but it dosnt work thats when she wakes up in night its like she thinks the nightime sleep is her afternoon nap if you know what i mean? maybe ill try not letting her have as much sleep in both sleeps??

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