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I have another late mover. Help, please!

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JoyS Sun 19-Jul-09 15:39:06

DD2 just turned one yesterday. She does not crawl, she can do a very slow and ineffective bumshuffle if on hardwood, she does not pull up. If she is sitting, she will put her hands on the ground and try to pull herself along (doesn't work very well) and if put on her stomach she can push herself backwards.

She never goes from sitting to tummy on purpose. She can roll over both ways but it's clearly hard work for her, accompanied by a lot of grunting and heavy breathing. Once on her tummy she can't seem to get up on her knees.

Over all it's as if she doesn't know what her arms and legs are for. She doesn't seem to have that burning desire to get to the other side of the room that other kids have.

In all other ways, she's a very bonny baby. She says a few words, points, tries to build block towers, points and generally communicates very well. She's rather small and skinny, and she doesn't look like a 1yo, more like a 9mo, if that makes any sense.

DD1 was also a late mover, but she was crawling by this time! She would go from sitting to tummy and learned to crawl that way. I wasn't going to worry but it's getting a bit late, even for me.

So either tell me not to worry or tell me what to worry about! We have a 1yo check (am in US) next week so will bring it up then but am just getting all het up about it. Any stories or advice appreciated.

JoyS Sun 19-Jul-09 15:40:08

sorry, that was a bit long.

rubyslippers Sun 19-Jul-09 15:41:25

DS crawled one week before his first birthday

he hadn't shown that much inclination before that - he was very good at folding himself in half to reach things

he also walked a little on the late side - 17 months

sounds like your DD is developing really well - may be she is just a little slower on the crawling

ilovecake Sun 19-Jul-09 16:18:30

My DS was a bum shuffler from about 1 year and then didnt walk till 20 months. He was my second and i did worry but he got there in the end. He showed little interest in standing or weight bearing before walking. He is now 3 and we've just returned from a bike ride where he has skidded down hills on his running bike like a crazy thing - no issues with his mobility! Try not to worry and if shes a bum shuffler then its pretty amusing and individual - i was quite proud of my ds and his unique way of getting about but i do remember other mothers with their developmentally perfect children looking at him oddly. She'll get going somehow in her own time.

Clayhead Sun 19-Jul-09 16:37:49

Wow, I could hve written ilovecake's post! (except my ds is 6 now)

Also had a late walking, bum shuffling dd, don't know what I did to them both smile

The only annoying things were the CONSTANT comments from other people about him, drove me to distraction!

mamatilly Sun 19-Jul-09 17:47:03

enjoy her!!! my baby was on the move at seven months, just like his brother,now baby eight mths and life is crazy! i wish he had waited a few more months.


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