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Is it time for me to buy DD her first pair of shoes??

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simpson Sat 18-Jul-09 19:46:46

DD is 17mths and took her first steps about a wk ago smile

However she still doesn't walk far and will only manage about 8/10 steps, any further than that and she will still crawl hmm

However she cruises up and down furniture etc fine.

Basically I am just wondering whether it is now time to buy her her first pair of shoes which would also stop her slipping on floor in kitchen and mean she can try and walk outside or am I best to wait a bit until she can walk a bit further and more confidently???


LittleMissNorty Sat 18-Jul-09 19:50:38

Clarkes will tell you to wait until she can walk confidently and has done for 6 weeks. But I bought a pair of crawling shoes / prewalkers first which worked well and were softer for walking in.

CMOTdibbler Sat 18-Jul-09 19:54:03

The advice is that they should be walking on their own for at least 6 weeks before putting them in anything but the softest type of shoes (Inch Blue type). You can use them as slippers inside later, so not a waste of money.

This is because a key part of walking is prioperception -the feed back from the nerves that sense pressure in the soles of the feet to brain, and then compensating for shifts by moving - and harder soles interfere with this

mummyloveslucy Sat 18-Jul-09 19:56:22

I would second the pre-walkers, they are perfect untill she's walking confidently for most of the day and untill she's going for regular walks outside. smile

simpson Sat 18-Jul-09 20:00:15

where can i get a pair of pre walkers from? <dim emoticon>

Do I have to get them online?

Am near clarks tomorrow, will they sell them?


LittleMissNorty Sat 18-Jul-09 20:01:54

Clarks - and have her feet measured. They have a sale on atm as well

mummyloveslucy Sat 18-Jul-09 20:09:23

Clarks are good, but I personally prefere Start-rite. Anywhere that measure her feet and fit them properly would be perfect. smile
(take your camera, it's lovely getting their first pair of shoes).

simpson Sun 19-Jul-09 23:26:12

sale smile my favourite word!! grin

TBH DD's feet are tiny so I may find she is too small for shoes sad

Going shopping on Tuesday so will get her feet measured and see what they say smile

aarghhelp Tue 21-Jul-09 11:55:19

DS (approx 14 months) is at a similar stage.

We went to Clarks yesterday and got him, on the advice of the saleslady, some cruising shoes grin, 1/2 price in the sale smile.

Very cute, esp as he has a fascination with shoes.

These ones look tough enough to try him walking in the garden with, but we'll stick to bare feet or little soft shoes indoors for the time being.

simpson Tue 21-Jul-09 14:42:33

Just bought some soft shoes at Clarks but none in sale in her size sadhmm

She seems very proud of them though as she wants to be like her big brother grin

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