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My 21 month ds is getting upset at bedtime

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moneli Fri 17-Jul-09 22:04:17

He has had the same bedtime routine since 10 weeks (bath, bottle, book, cuddle) but since Monday has started getting upset when we put him down and leave. This happens at both naptime and bedtime. We've stuck to our routine and he has cried for about 5 mins before going to sleep. He sleeps through from about 7.30 to 6.30. Is this normal behaviour at his age? Any advice about how to handle it? During the day he is happy, affectionate, lively and chatty.

corriefan Fri 17-Jul-09 22:15:08

It could be just that he's becoming a lot more aware of what's going on and has got loads of things he's thinking about and wants to get stuck into and is kicking up a bit of a fuss about having to go to bed rather than play/talk etc.

I would just stick to the routine and try not to worry. Having a good night's sleep is good for everyone!

moneli Sat 18-Jul-09 09:37:27

Yes, someone else told me that it is also an age when they become more aware of their separateness so maybe it's a bit of anxiety about that as well. Thanks for the advice. Sticking to it feels like the right thing to do and hopefully he'll go back to liking bedtime soon!

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