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5 month old ds almost crawling but getting REALLY frustrated......

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caspercat Fri 17-Jul-09 10:59:51

because he doesn't have the strength yet to move his arms & legs independently to actually move. But it's all he wants to do, then gets frustrated cos he keeps doing face plants on the floor & just ends up screaming all the time. i know that's how they learn, but he's not even sitting yet, seems to want to do things in the wrong order!
Anyone else had this? Any tips on what to do to make his life a bit easier at the mo? He doesn't want to sit in his bumbo, or on his playmat or even sit up being propped by cushions.......

reikizen Fri 17-Jul-09 16:45:48

There is no 'right' order, your ds will do things when he is ready! One day he will just crack it, just let him pootle about and try to not force him to do what you think babies should do! Yes, they do get frustrated but that is all part and parcel of development, they do the same when they are older and want to get dressed themselves but can't.

livismum Tue 28-Jul-09 19:00:38

i was just about to post this exact same thing! my DD is only 16 weeks but she is getting her knees up under her and pushing herself along, like you say she is getting v frustrated, just wondered how ur lil one is getting on now? My DD has been rolling since 11 weeks and people seem so shocked or dont believe me! I'd rather she wasnt but what can u do if thats all they want to do1!

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