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20 month old, and food

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PrincessToadstool Thu 16-Jul-09 16:12:17

As DS was BF on demand and we did BLW I assumed he would regulate his own appetite, stop when full, not over-eat - is this naive?

Having mostly ignored the lunch I made he is now working his way through a bag of rice cakes - I give him one at a time and he will come and say 'more' if he wants another one... but how do you tell a hungry toddler that actually they're not allowed any more? The bag is 50g - I can't let him eat the lot, can I?

He didn't touch dinner last night (pasta, pancetta, peas, creme fraiche - he HAS eaten it before, with gusto!) - so I made him a slice of toast and gave him it with (well alongside) a yoghurt - both ignored - and subsequently he woke up at 6am, hungry.

When I collect him from nursery (3 days) I am always told that he cleared his plate, sometimes has seconds, always a pudding, and just generally eats well.

So what am I doing wrong?

I give him breakfast around 7 usually
Some fruit around 9.30
Lunch between 12 and 1 depending
then he naps (hopefully)
then something around 3-4 (depending on when he got up) but nothing big - we shared an apple, I only got the rice cakes out because he kept saying more and going to the kitchen
then dinner is around 5.30 and he has a big cup of milk at 7 before bed.

ELB1 Thu 16-Jul-09 19:40:55

This is almost the image of our house!

My husband is a SAHD while I am at work and tonight he has got to the end of his tether with our 20 month old DD who has simply refused to eat properly for about 2 weeks now. She won;t go in the highchair, she won;t wear a bib (screams, arches back etc), and if she does eventually make it to the table (usually bibless and on a lap) she maybe eats a couple of spoonfuls of food and then refuses the rest and also sometimes screams. She will eat yoghurt, and breadsticks, but we can't just give her that can we?
She also goes to nursery 2 days a week and they say she eats everything for them - rubsbing salt in the wound!! DH has threatened to go back to work today, which would be fine if he could get a job good enough to pay the nursery fees for 2 DDs!
Does anyone have any wise words?

sleeplessinstretford Thu 16-Jul-09 20:53:20

was at/am still occasionally at wits end with dd2.keep a food diary and write down what is eaten and i bet over a week it's ok. i'd probably not offer an alternative though unless you're happy to cook 3 different meals a day and be 'controlled' by a baby.
it's up to you though-mine basically ate nothing but meat/nothing but cheese/nothing but pasta/nothing but strawberries/nothing full stop for various phases of her short and probably rather hungry little life.
nutritionist says serve food,if not eaten say nothing/do nothing put in bin-serve next meal at meal time-continue until child realises that eating with family who comment on how nice dinner is/how good siblings eating is is fun and wants a piece of the action.
good luck-it's CRAP though isn't it?

TreeTrunkThighs Thu 16-Jul-09 21:27:38

DD2 is almost 21 months. She definitely goes through phases of having more of an appetite then less of an appetite.

We do milk on waking, breakfast at 7.30/8.00 and then grazing pretty much all morning. She has a nap at 11.45/12 which is when she would be ready for lunch but if I leave it til then she's too tired and doesn't eat much at all. So, she snacks throughout the morning and I give her a yoghurt before her sleep.

The she has milk on waking (again!) and a snack around 3.30 when we pick up DD1. I do her dinner at 4.30 - any later and she's too tired. Sometime between then and bed she has some more milk and perhaps some of DD1's tea and DH's after work snack!

The only down side to all this is she eats on her own.

I got quite stressed with meals with DD1 and I think my determination not to get as stressed this time has manifested itself in constant eating!

Sorry, I've waffled but maybe something in there you could try

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