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Ds is TT himself, but has speech delay

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Claire2009 Thu 16-Jul-09 14:06:21

He followed me to the toilets at M&T earlier, was trying to pull his trousers down. So I asked did he need a wee, he said his usual "Yeah" and I thought, Ok I'll give it a go and let him sit on the toilet.
His nappy was dry and it had been on or 2-3 hrs, he done a huge great wee and was soooooooo proud of himself as I was him! grin

I put his nappy back on and went back into M&T after, and asked him 2 more times before M&T was over if he needed a wee, he said "Yeah" each time, I took him and nappy was still dry and he done a wee each time grin

He doesn't talk very much though, he has to be asked, and he'll respond with a "Yeah" or "Nooo" which is fine I guess, but how do I progress with him when he doesn't speak a lot?!

He's starting Nursery in September, will they ask him if he needs a wee or leave him to it? I don't think he's capable of taking himself off for a wee, but at home he'll go to the potty on his own and have a wee.... hmmm..

I dunno, seems a bit unreal, wasn't expecting him to be ready for another year hmm

Any tips? Is he going to do this and then quit because he's not being understood/able to tell me?

He's nearly 2.3yo

ilovetochat Thu 16-Jul-09 14:09:00

i'd go with it, leave the potty out at home and take him every couple of hours to the toilet if he hasnt used the potty.
maybe if you keep saying potty/wee/poo he might pick up the words?

Claire2009 Thu 16-Jul-09 14:12:51

The potty is about during the day, it's in the bathroom and he knows where it is, I've not tried pants though, so I'm not sure if he can take them off for a wee, I'd assume so, will give that a go tomorrow before venturing out with him in pants rather than nappy..

He says, Yeah, No, Car, Football, Bus, Mum, Daddy and a few others, mainly 1 words now and he's getting more but slowly.

I think he's copying Dd (3.5yo) and wanting to use the toilet like her.


BlueberryPancake Thu 16-Jul-09 14:19:50

I was reading about this the other day and it's quite common for children with speech delay to be potty trained later, but if I were you, I'd just take it easy and keep on asking him, and take him to the loo. Can you associate wee with a specific sound that he can make (like sssssss) or use sign language? Every time he has a wee you can do the sign and sound and he should eventually be able to tall you. When I trained DS1, who has no speech delay, it took quite a long time before he'd tell me that he needed a wee without prompting. And sometimes I'd ask him and he'd say no, but I knew he needed one..

With DS2, who is same age as yours and doesn't speak either, I simply offer him the potty in the morning and before bath time, and praise him a lot if he sits on it. Every time I have a wee or his brother has a wee I make the sound ssssss which he can do, and hopefully if DS2 wants a wee he'll be able to tell me. He is not ready yet for potty training, but yours could be.

Also, September is a long way away, he might be able to express himself better by then.

ilovetochat Thu 16-Jul-09 14:31:39

claire, dd is only 2 but to start with i had the potty in the room she was in as when she wants a wee its urgent.
maybe have some nappy off time before bath every night with potty in the room and then offer the toilet before the bath if he hasnt used the potty.
my dd cant take her clothes down to wee so i have to take her.

Claire2009 Thu 16-Jul-09 15:29:19


He's got just a t shirt on now, and the potty is in the downstairs bathroom, he just went off for a wee just now and came running back in after with a smile grin
He's been able to do that for a couple of months though, it's just progressing from nappy off time at home, to going out..

ilovetochat Thu 16-Jul-09 15:45:40

with dd after a few months like you where she used the potty at home sometimes and wore pullups out, i had 2 days staying at home with her bare bum all day and only offered the potty if she hadnt weed for 2 hours by herself. when she got that, i did 2 days at home with her in pants so she had to get used to telling me and allowing time to get pants down, then 2 days fully dressed, then we started having short trips out to the shop/park and i told her she was in big girl pants so if she weed while out she would be wet, she did fine.
she had accidents and still does (3 months later) when too busy playing but its better than nappies imo.

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