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DS1 (nearly 4) in bad mood since birth of DS2 (age 11 weeks)

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Rebecca41 Thu 16-Jul-09 12:39:11

Is this normal?

We've worked through all the initial stresses of a new baby, and now DS1 is very loving towards DS2, genuinely likes having him around etc. I've made a huge effort to keep on doing fun things, trips out etc, so that DS1 still has as nice a life as possible.

But DS1 seems to be in a permanently bad mood. He used to be so happy and smiley, but now he seems to moan constantly, and greet every suggestion with miserable negativity.

I can hardly ever make him laugh, everything I say is wrong, everything I do is wrong. Even his most favourite activities only make him smile for a few moments, then he starts moaning again.

Is this common? Is this how he'll be from now on? Will my cheerful boy return??

Tulia Thu 16-Jul-09 13:21:33

i think that 11 weeks is still quite a short amount of time and your ds is probably still getting used to things, i would just give it time and make a big fuss of him, tell him what a great big brother he is etc.

Some of it could just be his age, i think at nearly 4 he is very aware of things but whilst still being very young iyswim?

sorry i'm not much help, but i do think it is very common what you are experiencing

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