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How do you discipline a 5 year old that thinks everything is a laugh?

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crazyaymes Wed 15-Jul-09 22:40:54

Need some help as my DH and I are pulling our hair out with our 5yo DS. In the last couple of weeks or so his behaviour has just gone right down the pan. Its nothing very major - just one long string of little things that just seem constant from morning to bedtime. He never does anything first time and he laughs at any discipline (he seems to enjoy sitting on the stairs and he is not into anything in particular to be able to take it away!)I am worn out with trying to negotiate with him. In the last week he has chucked a couple of tantrums too when he hasnt got his own way.
I KNOW its end of term and he is tired but we cant go on like this! We are off on holiday once school finishes and am now beginning to dread it with this monster that my child has become!
Has anyone got any really good strategies that may help me deal with this child that seems impervious to punishment?!?

joburg Thu 16-Jul-09 05:44:38

Crazyaymes, try not to negociate with him! Easier said than done, i know. Set a time limit and explain the consequences, the good and the bad ones too. Try to ignore his comments. My daughter (6) hates it when i turn my back and leave and i discovered that this is the 'best' punishment in her case. The first time i tried the 'ignoring' method she threw a huge tantrum, just because i left her room without showing too much emotion! I kept cool and told her she is welcome to talk to me as soon as she decides to stop being such a pain in the b--- i didn't use those words with her, of course :D I had gone mad with explaining things to her, why she should not do this and that, i was just so tired and fed up! So i did absolutely nothing to calm her down, on the contrary, i made more noise in the kitchen than usual so she could hear i'm doing other things than paying attention to her. When she understood her screaming and shouting won't work, she came to me, said sorry and continued to be the sweetest girl ever. We had peace after that .... for a few days, until the next 'event'! But in general, it works for us. We'll see what today brings
Maybe try this and see if it works in your 'little monster's' case .... ?

AlsoStruggling Thu 16-Jul-09 13:23:03

I'll be interested to follow this thread because I am having very similar issues with 5 year old dd, and it is driving me to distraction

AlsoStruggling Thu 16-Jul-09 13:40:21


Pitchounette Thu 16-Jul-09 15:12:00

Message withdrawn

ICANDOTHAT Thu 16-Jul-09 15:46:21

'1-2-3 Magic' by Dr. Thomas Phelan. Worked wonders for us and so, so simple. I bought a cd version from Amazon. Once you get passed the 'Americanism' of it, he gives good, consistent, down to earth advsie. My ds2 is dx ADHD and I rarely get passed counting to 2 these days. Took about a week or so for him to realise that 'time out' meant just that and he eventually bored of being excluded. Good Luck ! smile

Pitchounette Thu 16-Jul-09 15:55:35

Message withdrawn

crazyaymes Sat 18-Jul-09 16:08:42

thanks for advice! 2 days later and things seem a bit better. I have been choosing my battles and have been extra careful at avoiding situations that may cause conflict. Also, we have been really strict on an early bedtime and that seems to have made quite a difference (its amazing what an extra half hour can do!) smile

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