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my dd hates the puschair and sling!

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chocolatefudgebrownie Wed 15-Jul-09 17:51:46

Am at my wits end with my dd (18 months) Everytime I put her in the pushchair or sling she screams and tantrums and wants to be carried in my arms. Which I cannot, as I have a bad back and because I have 3.5 year old ds to look after.

I am so frustrated with her constant screaming from the buggy and/or sling and getting lots of hmm from other people looking at us like I'm a terrible parent for letting her cry.

Has anyone got any tips to help her enjoy the buggy ride and stop me from feeling totally drained by my dd's behaviour.

chocolatefudgebrownie Wed 15-Jul-09 17:53:20

Sorry forgot to add, she cannot walk very well yet, so not an option either.

littlelamb Wed 15-Jul-09 17:55:59

My ds is 13 months old and really hates his pram too. Which sling are you using? We have an ergo and I''ve carried him all day today with no fuss. The thing that worked for us wrt the buggy was using reins to strap him in- it means he can't climb out and after a few days of realising he was going nowhere he will now sit nicely in it. Maybe try a ringsling that will let you put her on your hip? If you're anywhere near Devon there's a slingmeet in Exeter tomorrow where you could try different slings and see what works for you

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