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what can a 2 years old boy draw?

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margobambino Tue 14-Jul-09 23:20:01

My 2 yo ds is always asking me to draw things for him and showing an interest in drawing but when he gets the crayon he is not able to do much except scribbling. Sometimes he is making bad shaped circles too. Is this normal, or should I be expecting more?

Cadelaide Tue 14-Jul-09 23:23:20


Actually I think circles is good, even bad-shaped ones. smile

Amapoleon Tue 14-Jul-09 23:26:28

My 2 year old can't draw anything. I wouldn't worry.

Kewcumber Tue 14-Jul-09 23:27:27

scribbling sounds about right!

GiraffesCanRunA10k Tue 14-Jul-09 23:27:51

Do not worry at all. Anything more than basic scribbles is a bonus at 2.

norfolklass Wed 15-Jul-09 08:01:56

My nearly 4.6 year old who is starting reception in reception in september can't draw anything I honestly wouldn't worry! x

fruitstick Wed 15-Jul-09 08:05:09

My DS is 3.4 and can just about manage a poor circle.

He doesn't seem to like drawing or colouring that much. he starts out well but after about 45 seconds turns into that artist character from The Fast Show (black, black, it's all black) and then screws the paper up shock

I feel I should encourage him more but never seem to manage.

danthe4th Wed 15-Jul-09 08:36:44

Encourage your child to do lots of large arm movements, ball throwing, squeezing small balls/bottles, use paint brushes and water to mark make on the patio. The shoulder muscles have to develop and then the fine motor skills of the hand and fingers.There are so many things you can play with to develop the skills needed to write. Google mark making its a fascinating subject and I never understood how complex it is.I'm a childminder and have recently been on a mark making training course that I wish I went on years ago to have helped me help my own children.

rhapsody1979 Wed 29-Jul-09 11:45:23

my child is going approaching 2.5 years old.
he is able to draw rather well. Like spiders, bees, animals and shapes of humans. He can depict his father holding his hands going for a walk and draw clouds that are raining and umbrellas etc etc. I suspect that he is gifted. He can spell a little. Can u advice me how i should develop this talent?

franklymydear Wed 29-Jul-09 11:47:05

give him paper and colouring pencils / crayons?

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