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Theatre with a toddler - Gruffalo/Peppa Pig

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sazzerbear Tue 14-Jul-09 21:04:58

Our local theatre is staging both Peppa Pig and The Gruffalo which sounds great but I am wondering whether it may freak ds out (esp Gruffalo) - he is 2.3 years. Anyone been? TIA grin

cat64 Tue 14-Jul-09 21:16:15

Message withdrawn

MrsPickles Tue 14-Jul-09 21:22:28

I don't know but I really want to take DD to the theatre and especially an outdoor production of the Wind in the Willows at a local stately home but I KNOW she is too young to sit still. Peppa pig though is aimed at pre-schoolers though, I'm sure there will be children of your DS's age in the audience and an amount of toddler disturbance should be expected! Let me know how you get on if you go!

missblythe Tue 14-Jul-09 21:26:14

Took DD to Angelina Ballerina on stage on her 2nd birthday, and she loved it, sat on my knee absolutely wrapt and clapping every time the curtain came down. It's one of my most cherished memories since she was first born, and I'm looking forward to taking her to the Gruffalo next month.

I would suggest that if you do decide to book tickets, get them as near to teh front as poss, as I think that other people in front of you can be very distracting for little one.s

MrsPickles Tue 14-Jul-09 21:26:44

Should say my DD is also 2.3!

squeaver Tue 14-Jul-09 21:28:34

The Gruffalo theatre production is very gentle and sweet.

quirkychick Tue 14-Jul-09 21:31:51

We took dd to The Gruffalo last year when she was about 2.5 and she loved it. There is a dvd of one of the performances that you can get on Amazon, which we ended up buying.

Wanderingsheep Tue 14-Jul-09 21:35:52

Haven't taken dd to the theatre yet (although I can't wait!) She was 2 in June, but my friend took her little boy to see "The Wiggles" a couple of weeks ago, for his 2nd birthday, which I think he enjoyed. He kept saying to me "watched Wiggles watched wiggles" bless! However, he is a MASSIVE Wiggles fan and asks for it on all the time.

sazzerbear Tue 14-Jul-09 22:28:52

Thanks everyone, will let you know how we get on if we go! grin

alarkaspree Tue 14-Jul-09 22:33:29

Ds went to the theatre several times when he was 2, and was very well behaved. But his pre-school took them all to see the Gruffalo and a lot of them were really scared, it's definitely not suitable for all 2-year-olds. But this was in the US where the book is not so well-known and many of them weren't familiar with the story.

aristocat Tue 14-Jul-09 22:50:40

went to see the gruffalos child when DD was almost 3 and she loved it
it can be a little scary but the story is so good smile

i would definitely choose gruffalo !!!

merrymonsters Wed 15-Jul-09 09:27:38

I took DS1 to see Gruffalo's Child when he was about 3. Most of the kids were fine, but there were about 3 children in the audience who were terrified when they saw the Gruffalo and had to be taken out.

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