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I need new ideas on how to discipline DS

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allaboutme Tue 14-Jul-09 19:11:07

He is 3.9 years and is behaving terribly at the moment.
He pushes his little brother over constantly (gets naughty step for that)
Does silly things like goes into his room and rips the sheet off the bed, then when I go in and tell him he shouldnt do that as it causes me more work, he jumps on the bed as I'm trying to put the sheet back on. Every time I get cross and make him get off, he gets back on with a grin. So I warn him, sit him on the naughty step. He says NO naughty step, I make him sit on the naughty step, he slaps me. He sits there for 3 mins singing 'I'm a little tea pot' happy as Larry and then says sorry with huge smile and potters off to start all over again doing something else.

Tonight he has got out of bed several times, once went into his little brothers room, wke him up, climbed in the cot and sat playing with him.

Naughty step isnt really working.
I dont smack.
Not sure what else to do really.
Any ideas?

CarGirl Tue 14-Jul-09 19:15:30

If my dd said sorry with a huge grin on her face I wouldn't accept it, I would tell her that her behaviour isn't funny and she would do another time out etc until she apologised properly, she's 3.10 (this has been an issue with her thinking it is funny to be naughty)

I'd start picking your battles and ignore as much as possible ie like stripping the bed, leave it unmade for him and try very hard to find lots of stuff to be positive about. I know my youngest plays up when she is feeling ignored.

ActingNormal Tue 14-Jul-09 19:17:43

Take things off him that he likes for 5 mins/1 hour or whatever?

Say things like "If you would like me to take you to the park this pm then you do this/don't do this for me"?

When he is doing something annoying suggest something alternative for him to do?

GarconsSontCommeDesChiens Tue 14-Jul-09 19:19:25

It's all about attention at this age

Ignore,distract and praise

All the talk and explanations from you about why he shouldn't do whatever = jackpot for him, attention-wise.

eg he wrecks the bed, take him away from the scene of the crime, say no firmly if you like, then walk away have a cup of tea, be unavailable for few minutes, no chat.

Naughty step - it kinda doesn't matter if he is singing there, just ignore him.

If you can see a problem looming, distract him immediately

Catch him being 'good' - praise him.

Above all remember this is a phase and will pass

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