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ready to start potty training?

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petitmaman Tue 14-Jul-09 16:55:48

I know htat this has been done to death but what is the mumsnet verdict?
dd2 (2.5) is in nappies but tells me when she has done anything in her nappy and sometimes as she is doing it. she often seems very upet if she has done a wee in it and has asked a few times to wear pants. however when put on the potty ( at her insistance) she gets v impatient, after 2 seconds she gets off and looks and says 'oh no wee' and won't get back on. (even if we are reading books etc).
do i go for it on the basis that she does get upset when she does a wee in her nappy and hope that she catches on or do i wait until she tells me she is going to do a wee (if that ever happens when they are wearing a nappy?) thanks

muddleduck Tue 14-Jul-09 17:04:20

Go for it!
She's doing far more than my boys did when I started with them and they were pretty easy to "train".

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