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Clingy child

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MissMoopy Tue 14-Jul-09 13:48:23

Just need to vent my spleen really, but also any advice gratefully received.

My dd is 4 and a half and due to start school in Sept. She talks positively about starting school and has been excited about buying unifrom etc. However she has recently become very clingy.

She gets very upset when I leave her at nursery, she is clingy for me at home - she always has been a Mummys girl but more so now - and she wet the bed this morning.

She is happy at nursery once I have left - I ring to check, and she is happy and bright when I collect her, so much so if they are playing outside she wants to say!

We have just come back from holiday so wondering if having us both for a full week without nursery etc she is now just readjusting? Bed times have been a nightmare since we got back because I slept with her on holiday - one bedroom property to save money - and she is now kicking up a stink about having to go to bed.Also maybe more worried about starting school than she is letting on?

She is otherwise a happy, funny child.

daisy99divine Tue 14-Jul-09 23:32:22

I think it is easy to perhaps link lots of different things into one big ball of a problem?

I suspect you are right, sleeping alone is due to your holiday and the relaxation of "normal rules" rather than anxiety about school?

My DC is only 3 but I didn't want you to go unanswered. I know in primary schools topic there is a chat thread of mums whose LOs are starting school in Sept - they may have similar experiences that might help?

Otherwise, I think as a mum I always look for complicated associations and consequences when they don't necesarily exist iyswim?

Anyway, good luck

MissMoopy Wed 15-Jul-09 10:08:03

Thats true about complicated associations! I tend to over analyse everything - and just perhaps need to accept that not everything she does will have a reason or explanation - I guess being 4 is the explanation! Thank you x

daisy99divine Fri 17-Jul-09 01:12:36

glad to help grin

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