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Is this seperation anxiety?

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ahhhmen Tue 14-Jul-09 10:08:38

My ds is 2.4, I have recently had to change his childminder, this was a sudden unexpected change because his old childminder has been suspended by ofsted and is under investigation, my ds started going there when he was 6 months and I was very happy with her.

My ds has been going to his new childminder twice a week for 3 weeks now, the problem is when I drop him off he clings to my and when I go to leave he is hysterical and screams and crys and seems very unconsoleable. My ds didnt go last week as we were on holiday so when I said to him today he was going to her house he just kept saying 'no *** house' over and over and was worse than ever when I dropped him off. The childminder text me literally minutes later to say he had stopped crying and was now playing.

In general my ds is a happy child likes playing with other children when I am there at toddler groups etc, but he can get very clingy to me and even when we have his friends round to our house to play he will keep coming back to me to sit on my knee every so often.

When we were on holiday last week, we were at a haven camp, and I took him to the kids show in the evening but he just wanted to sit at the table with me rather than on the floor with the other kids.

Has anyone else experienced similar with there children at this age, is it just a stage?

BlueBumedFly Tue 14-Jul-09 14:19:40

I am hoping this is just a stage as my DD is the same. She 2.2 and is in the process of moving rooms at Nursery. Today was the first time I had to drop her off in the new room as she had been taken in there by the other room previously to today. Each time they took her in she has had a wonderful time. On the way in today I said what was going to happen and she kept crying no * room no * room and she kicked off when I left her. By the time I had got yo my car (about 30 seconds) the carer had run to the door to tell me she had stopped crying. The noise she mad when I left you would have though I had taken one of her legs with me.

I know she loves it there but I would say 50% of the time she cries when I leave. She has been there 16 months!

My DD won't let me go anywhere without her, not even to the loo, especially worse when ill like at the moment. At singing group I have to sit on the floor with her whilst all the other kids sit in a group.

Apparently I was like it until I was 7 so I am guessing I am going to have the same with DD.

How is he when you collect? You could easily see from his eyes if he had been crying a lot during the day. Is his sleep affected? Is he eating OK? Has his mood changed since the change? If nothing else has changed like you said it is most likely SE and it will pass in time with lots of understanding and patience.

It is hard. I know the crying is for my benefit as I can see her through the 2 way mirror and she spins on her heels and starts playing and singing happily.

What little loves they are!

ahhhmen Wed 15-Jul-09 12:55:29

He is fine when I collect him, always looks like he's been having a good time, I dont think his sleep is affected, althought he woke up a few tims last night which he dosnt usually, so will keep an eye on that to see if theres a pattern. His general mood hasnt changed so I will just have to hope he gets used to it.

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