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10 mnth old biting helpppppp

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oliversmarmy Tue 14-Jul-09 01:05:00


my 10month old ds is biting continuously today

worried as he is biting im not able to put him back on the breast at moment.

how can i use this opotunity to stop bf all together and change to bottle feeding if he doesnt bottle feed either. he point blank refuses the bottle even though i bottle and breast fed for the first 6months

im using full fat milk in morning for weetabix 1 whole one

and milk in sauces for dinner and just given him another weeabix with formula to make up for the milk he'd normally have tonight..

is it ok for me as of tomo to use rusks in formula twice a day between meals when he would normally have bf and wean him off breast that way... and gradually bring in the bottle once bf is stop altogether


Lusi Tue 14-Jul-09 03:25:03

You have my bl**dy well hurts
My DD2 bit at about 11months...but I wanted to keep bfing -tried lots of stuff...what worked in the end was as soon as she bit taking her off (as if you wouldn't!) and telling her very clearly if she did it again she would be off all together and putting her straight back on ...if she did it again I took her off and lay her down somewhere safe and walked away...this worked better than just taking her off altogether first bite...
Anyway you want to I'd be tempted to give DS formula or even just full fat milk in a 'big boy' sippy cup rather than a DD never used a bottle (well.. except for twice before she was 4 weeks old) she went straight to a cup at 6 months for water/juice/some cows milk...

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