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6 month old fighting sleep.....horrific!

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BoyMeetsWorld Mon 13-Jul-09 19:20:21

Uuurgh any advice, please!?

My DS is 6 months old & absolutely gorgeous in every way...except when it comes to sleep.

Day time naps / Bedtime - makes no difference. As soon as he gets sleepy he goes from Angel to Demon in 0.1 seconds. Full blown screaming, thrashing about, making himself go rigid, hitting out & pulling etc looks like he's having a fit.

I've tried EVERYTHING. It's been like this ever since he was born, so I've tried not letting him get overtired (plenty of naps throughout day & a relaxing bedtime routine); ive tried the opposite i.e. less naps & tiring him out; I've tried soothing him to sleep but he just gets hot & sticky, and tries to kick or slap anyone near him; I've tried controlled crying, but he can keep going for hours, & after 3 months this still hasn't solved the problem; & I've tried upping his food/milk.

Any ideas?? It's really draining & just so sad that the day always has to end like this. It's like he just hates having to turn hhis brain off (he's very intelligent & active). & now it's got worse cos he's learning to crawl so he keeps working himself up, flipping over onto his tummy in his cot & going utterly ballistic.


malfoy Mon 13-Jul-09 19:22:40

does he fall asleep in the pram?

is he happy lying down if he is under playgym?

BoyMeetsWorld Mon 13-Jul-09 19:35:13

he falls asleep easily in a pram so long as it's moving, so I do often resort to taking him for a walk to have his naps...though this means I lose those priceless moments of the day to get housework etc done!

No he doesn't really like lying under a playgym anymore...prefers to be sitting up now

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