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Phil and Ted's - when to move from cocoon to the buggy seat?

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minouminou Mon 13-Jul-09 14:26:53

DD is 13 weeks old on Thurs, and is getting a bit uncomfortable and bored in her cocoon.
She's holding her head up very well, as did DS before her (he moved into a Quinny buggy from the Dreami at 14 weeks - I kept the seat v reclined, though).
However, I don't think the P&T is as reclinable, so I'm wondering what to do, especially as the weather is gonna be hot for the next 2 months.
The cocoon keeps her surprisingly cool, but she seems to be getting fed up with her restricted-to-non-existent view of the world.
How long woukld you give it?
Those of you who've used a P&T for #1 and 2, what did you do, and how old was DC2 whens/he moved into seat from cocoon?
Many thanks in advance.

moaningminnie2020 Mon 13-Jul-09 21:45:09

DS was about 20/22 weeks, he's a placid soul who didn't mind being laid flat, he was just too long for it really.

I found that in the slightly reclined position he's quite happy to sleep in the doubles seat behind, just try to keep his feet out of the shoppingwink

RinkyDinkyPinky Mon 13-Jul-09 21:54:35

DD2 was too long for the cocoon at 8 weeks. We took out the cocoon and laid her directly in the sling that it goes in on a sheepskin blanket and that bought us another month.

Then we used the 2nd upright seat but added the head hugger from the car seat so that her head and neck were supported. The straps on the P&T went through the head hugger to make it all nice and secure and the 2nd seat was put in the reclined position. Worked really well.

minouminou Tue 14-Jul-09 12:53:17

Ding Dong! Thanks for that RDP! Some v good ideas there. So your DD went into the seat at around 12-13 weeks?
Will give that a go. She's getting a bit too long, but it's mainly the lack of visual stimulation that's bugging her, as she's been fine in it today (cloudy and warm) as she hasn't had the back covered by a muslin (sun protection).
Right....definite food for thought there guys, thanks a lot.

theyoungvisiter Tue 14-Jul-09 13:00:13

you can swap back and forth quite easily you know - I started to put DS2 in the seat position from about 5 months, but he was still using the cocoon/lie flat for naps until about 7 months (albeit a bit squished in!)

He is on the 50th centile btw. I am always amazed at people who say their babies were too long for the cocoon at x weeks. The cocoon is actually pretty long - you would have to be a seriously ENORMOUS baby to touch the head and toes at anything under 20 weeks.

Personally I think the P&T seat is too upright for a 13 week old though - I'd give it a bit longer and if nec put her in the lie flat bit without the cocoon, just with a blanket under her.

RinkyDinkyPinky Tue 14-Jul-09 13:21:27

DD2 was on the 98th centile for length and was a v strong and active baby. She'd push her feet against the bottom of the cocoon and then bang her head against the top and get quite upset. I could only put her in it if she was already asleep after 8 weeks. I'd cary her in a sling then once she was sleeping I could arrange her in the cocoon.

She was in the upright seat as described from 3 1/2 months and much happier. I found that I could hang toys from the back of the toddler seat above her to entertain her. The head hugger definitely added support and I used the aforementioned sheepskin to provide a comfy nest in her upright seat.

I have loads of friends with P&Ts and I only know 1 person who found the cocoon big enough to last 6 months.

sarahrhianna Wed 15-Jul-09 15:05:42

I moved DS to the doubles seat at 11 weeks as he was so fed up of no sitmulation and cried all the time in the cocoon. He was also almost too big for it and in the hot weather i used blankets underneath instead.

I looked at it from the point of view that the reclined double seat (sport version has it not sure about the rest) there is no difference from being in a bouncy chair and he is not in it for hours on end.

He is much happier now and i no longer get wierd looks from people who wonder where the crying is coming from!

indi4 Wed 15-Jul-09 20:16:42

I too put my little boy in the upright seat from 12/13 weeks. He is a long baby and would kick his sister above and then smack his head at the top even with the cocoon out!
He is much much happier now as he can see the world. I too used the head rest from the car seat which not only supported his head, it gives support on his back as well.
I am now also starting to put my 19mth old in the seat below and when she now gets out and walks I can then recline my little one easier than if it were the other way around.

I hope this helps.

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