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slightly worried about ds and his behaviour with poo.

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spookycharlotte121 Mon 13-Jul-09 11:40:21

If he does a poo in his nappy when he is asleep then upon waking up he takes his nappy straight off and covers himself, the cot and the walls in poo.
At first I thought it was a phase that would just pass but this has been going on for ages now and is starting to not only drive me mad.... its pretty gross to clear it up but is also starting to worry me.

he was 2 in june and doesnt really understand it when i tell him off or expline tht he shouldnt do it.

amisuchabadmummy Mon 13-Jul-09 11:43:42

can you get a babygrow or something that buttons up so he can't get it off and therefore the nappy off?

I wouldnt worry about it, he'd probably do the same with chocolate or mud, he's just experimenting.

spookycharlotte121 Mon 13-Jul-09 12:47:50

hmmm well i have treid everything imagineable to try and stop him getting his nappy off but he seems to be like houdini and can get out of anything!! I even gaffa taped it on once and he still got out of it.

mummyplonk Mon 13-Jul-09 12:56:49

Boys eh? they love the dirty stuff, have u tried putting on his nappy tightly back to front at bedtime? saw it in a magazine once and it worked for her.

blinder Mon 13-Jul-09 13:00:55

I have no advice but lots of sympathy! My little brother managed to drive a trike, through a pooey nappy and all over the living room in 5 minutes and we can all still 'smell' it twenty years later!

I wouldn't worry about it in terms of psychology. He would probably do the same with crayons, cake etc.

In fact, can you paint blackboard paint on the wall and give him chalks so that he at least has something else to use in the morning?

I assume that you have tried setting your alarm clock 30 mins earlier every day to wake up first and prevent it happening? I would be tempted to take up an early morning vigil every day for a fortnight just to try and break the cycle. Sometimes the more things happen, the more they go on happening and a break is all it takes.

Good luck!

Trikken Mon 13-Jul-09 13:03:06

hate to say this but mine has just turned three and is only just getting better, and thats only by putting the potty and some tissue in his room so he can wipe his hands if they get poop on (even if he doesnt use the potty to poop in) but not sure that this would have worked when he was just two. sorry cant give any more advice.

lljkk Mon 13-Jul-09 13:05:12

Normal for 2yo.
My 5yo uses half a toilet roll and then wipes his (still disgusting) fingers on the bathroom wall. //SIGH\\

OP, does he wear a vest (poppers under crotch) with the nappy? Else, I'd try toilet training him.

spookycharlotte121 Tue 14-Jul-09 15:24:08

yeh he does wear vests to bed at the mo.... pjs are too hot right now.

Tried to potty train him but he hates the potty..... i think he might be a little frightened of it. Its also causing a lot of arguments between me and exp..... he doesnt think ds is ready.

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