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would you potty train this child?

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jumblies Mon 13-Jul-09 11:30:33

My dd is 22 months old she doesn't talk much and has no way of telling us she wants to use a potty. However we bought one recently and told her what it was for. In the last few days she has managed to whip her nappy off and has done 3 or 4 wees in it and then she stands proudly in front of it and shouts 'there!'

I was thinking of just letting her do this for a while but when I told a friend she said that I should be potty training her.

However I don't see any other signs of readyness, ie she is quite happy to sit in a pooey nappy and she can't actually ask for the potty as she doesn't have a word for it yet which could be difficult if we were out and about.

Not sure what to do to be honest. Can I just let her use the potty at home when she feels like it or should I be trying to potty train properly now.

plimple Mon 13-Jul-09 11:33:59

Do what suits you. I see "training" as a very gradual process and it sounds as if you've begun. Take it at your own pace and take the lead from DD. When the weather is warmer let her play in the garden with no nappy and see if she can use the pot. Going out and about is daunting at first and you need to know her wee habits first.

maybebaby23 Mon 13-Jul-09 11:36:28

I think if you feel your child is not ready, don't do it. I made this mistake, everyone was on at me to potty train DD and it caused a lot of stress and mess because she wasn't ready! In the end i left the potty there and one day she took her nappy off and weed in it! Then she just chose when she wanted to do it on the potty, with no pressure. It was great and she was dry during the day within a few days because she was ready herself and wanted to do it.

This worked for us, i hope it does for you too! Just follow her lead. That is what i will be doing with DC2 after our experience with DD.

jumblies Mon 13-Jul-09 12:18:25

Thanks guys, its nice to know it doesn't have to be such a formal process. My instinct tells me that she isn't really ready so I will let her lead the way. I wouldn't normally be so concerned with potty training too early but my second is due in Dec and I am umming and ahhing about when is the best time to attempt it - before or after the baby's arrival hmm

plimple Mon 13-Jul-09 13:00:14

My DD is 25 months and new baby comes end of September so we'll have about the same gap! My DD is out of nappies now, but we took it slow and easy - lots of potty time from about 18 months, only using knickers from her birthday. Using the warm weather to wear skirts and no knickers is worth it. I use cloth nappies so really needed her in knickers before September!

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