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distressed during nappy changing

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shelbel Thu 19-May-05 00:42:32

ds is 15m and goes to nursery. For his last two sessions at nursery, staff have reported that it has taken two of them to change his nappy. He's often very wriggly at home but just recently its been crying and flipping himself over immediately and clambering away. I've been successful in distracting him once yesterday which makes me think he's just in a phase of testing us out and being more forceful about it. He's not sore or anything. He has seemed quite frightened of having his nappy changed in public changing areas especially the pull down mats for quite a while now. Has anyone any suggestions or good distraction ideas?

Chandra Thu 19-May-05 00:55:57

I have a friend who use to secure her toddler to the flor by placing a knee on his chest so she could put his shoes on . Then when DS was about the same age as your DS he started trying to escape that the idea of the knee on the chest sounded like a goooo idea! (never tried it though). I think it's a phase, but maybe I would double check if something is giving him some pain. DS started screaming pooh like a desperate and refusing not to be hold a couple of weeks ago. We found out that he was so constipated that eventhough the nappy was clean he felt some discomfort, as soon as the constipation eased he went back to his usual self. Hope that helps

Chandra Thu 19-May-05 00:56:52

I should be doing previews more often....and also need a new keyboard. Sorry for the spelling errors

TracyK Thu 19-May-05 09:09:15

ds is the same (14mo) - he wiggles and screams if held down by me - tho at nursery he's a little angel!
I've started changing him standing up - using normal nappies - but maybe you could try the pull ups? maybe make him feel more secure to on his feet than laying flat?
after all his screaming and wriggling - ds lies calm and peaceful for a good few minutes ONCE I'VE CHANGED HIM! little bugger!

natts Thu 19-May-05 09:23:55

a little boy i nannied for did the same thing around that time. I don't have any hard and fast suggestion for distraction i used everything from little books for him to hold,and aked him to show me the. bus,train giving him his juice,or singing songs. not much help i suppose. but it is a sign of his independance.

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