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daughter 6 lying and unbeknwown to me swearing.

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jaluca Sun 12-Jul-09 21:32:49

my dd 6 has just very tearfully admitted that she swore at 3 girls at school who were being unkind and saying horrible things to her. thankfully they did not tell teacher and no one else heard but my d has been carrying this secret for weeks too scared to tell me as she knows i would be cross with. she will also tell me something usually things she knows i wont be happy with then when i question her she says she cant remember. i have never heard her say a swear word in her life and it was a bad one so i am very upset and shocked.(shock)

Nuttymummy25 Sun 12-Jul-09 22:05:18

My 5 yr old son has been swearing on and off since he was 4yrs old,,, its awful,,, at the moment I am unsure on how to handle things,, its so hard because you just want it to stop,, atleast your daughter hasnt said it at home and she obviously knows how bad and wrong it is??
Her saying she cant remember stuff that she know is wrong is her anxiety,,,, she is afraid of upsetting you and making you cross,,, i am sure its yet another "phase" these children go through!
good luck xxx

jaluca Sun 12-Jul-09 22:21:35

thanx NM25, my DD seems to be going through every phase in the book at once. like you sometimes i havent a clue how to deal with things she does or says. most days of late ive had a cry through sheer frustration. my d finds it hard to make friends and is never the most popular child and think she lost her rag with these kids. however am still shocked she said it. she is moody and sulks a lot at the moment so hopefully all this daft behaviour will come to an end soon only to be replaced by some different bad behaviour no

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