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tell me I'm worrying unnecessarily...

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chervil Sun 12-Jul-09 08:11:57

I'm sure it's nothing and will resolve itself, but I'm a bit worried about DD (25 weeks) as she doesn't have any consonants yet (aah, goo etc). It took her ages to respond to sound although her hearing tests were OK - but she now looks to see where a sound is coming from, enjoys toys that make noise etc and seems to have normal language reception. She laughs and smiles a lot, chatters to herself and screeches. She isn't the most vocal child in the world, even so. I'm just being silly, aren't I? Her hearing seems fine. The books/sites I've looked at all suggest that she should have some consonant sounds by 6 months. Should I be concerned? We talk, sing, chat to her and say b, m, and p sounds to her, using nursery rhymes, stories and so on. Any ideas? Or will she just get there in her own good time?

flamingobingo Sun 12-Jul-09 08:13:34

Stop worrying and enjoy her grin

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 12-Jul-09 08:17:30

You are worrying unnecessarily smile

hercules1 Sun 12-Jul-09 08:21:10

You are being silly and will laugh about this in years to come. It's very normal for parents to be worried about their childrens speech.

chervil Sun 12-Jul-09 08:51:24

thanks - I thought so. best move on the next unnecessary bit of worrying!!

posiedullardparker Sun 12-Jul-09 08:56:24

Stop looking at sites and in books, they will make you feel terrible. DO NOT COMPARE your dd to anyone or anything.

My first dc was very very slow to do everything and this I only knew because I looked all the time, dc4 is so gifted and talented because he does everything before I expect him to, the joy of not looking in books has made me think I have a genius!!!winkgrin

sweetfall Sun 12-Jul-09 08:59:13

In the nicest possibly way you are exhibiting mummy madness. Stop it! Barking <shakes head in despair>

chervil Sun 12-Jul-09 09:23:23

stupid first timer - can't you guess?

stubbyfingers Sun 12-Jul-09 09:28:08

Not stupid, just interested in your child's development!

I think posie's advice to NOT COMPARE is excellent as that way madness lies. Try and relax and enjoy her, she really is very young for any anxieties about speech. You have been overthinking it, but we've all done a bit of that smile

JJ1471 Sun 12-Jul-09 13:26:55

My son is 25 weeks tomorrow and he doesn't make any proper consonant sounds yet, I was assuming this was okay as he is making lots of vowel type noises! Although my husband swears he heard him say Makka Pakka to the television this morning...

meandjoe Sun 12-Jul-09 13:33:20

Totally worring for nothing but we all do it! My ds was about 8 months when he actually started making consonant dounds and saying mama, dadda, baba etc. Up until then it was just ooooh and ahhhs (and a whole lot of screeching!). He talks in sentences now at 23 months so please stop worrying!

piscesmoon Sun 12-Jul-09 13:34:28

Don't read books! I had no idea until you posted that they were supposed to have consonant sounds by that age. The most talkative adult I know didn't speak until he was 5yrs and then he came out with whole sentences and never stopped!
Never compare with others-just enjoy.

NanaJo Sun 12-Jul-09 16:00:52

My Ds2 was a very smiley, but silent baby. Although obviously understanding everything said to him, he had a vocabulary of about 5 words by 24 months old! We had all the usual checks done and they found nothing specific. He attended a special speech therapy play group and weekly one hour private sessions for about ten months. No change. Then, all of a sudden ... literally overnight, it was like a light suddenly dawned. Just before his third birthday he started to talk in full, complex sentences. Now at 3.3 he is a verbal little chatterbox and is on par with his peers who spoke much, much earlier. All my worry was needless.

Pyrocanthus Sun 12-Jul-09 20:44:57

My DD missed out the 'babbling' stage altogether. I had the odd pang of anxiety until the words started coming... and never stopped (11 now, believe me, no problems with speech).

booksgalore Sun 12-Jul-09 20:56:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

traceface Sun 12-Jul-09 21:03:41

he he I just started a similar thread - didn't see this one blush. my dd2 is 7 months and almost silent - she'll laugh, cry and growl hmm but no babbling or consonants or cooing...i've had one reply so far who thinks i needn't worry yet smile.

kalo12 Sun 12-Jul-09 21:06:17

i worried about this too. it sent me mad, - i had pnd. its normal, my ds was only saying dada at 16 months, now he is starting to say loads more.

its fine, you are worrying unnecessarily, i promise

HerHonesty Sun 12-Jul-09 21:09:35

dont worry about it, although we all at some time worry about something that we later realise was irrational, its natural, you are a mother!!!

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