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Imaginary Play.

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Claire2009 Sat 11-Jul-09 23:05:29

Do all toddlers do this?

Dd keeps going in her room and talking to her toys, says Kieran at nursery has chicken spots (pox) and generally chatting away with her dolls, it's lovely! grin

She also 'claims' Ds and runs her very own ice cream shop in the garden, the rocks are ice creams..... I don't think Ds quite knows whats going on but he does along with it, today they were dressing Fimble and Fimble done a no.2 and she was explaining all to Ds while changing Fimbles' nappy hmm grin

She's 3.4yo & Ds is 2.2yo.

ShowOfHands Sat 11-Jul-09 23:11:25

Yup. Normal part of development.

DD, 2yrs 2 months holds very strict picnics with her toys. You must only eat when it is your turn and she will sing you a song if you eat nicely.

I heard her telling her doll earlier that 'mummy's boobies will make you feel better, shhh, all alright now, poor head went bang, find mummy's boobies' before marching up to me and informing me that I needed to breastfeed her doll.

I had a career once.

Claire2009 Sat 11-Jul-09 23:14:01

Ahh how cute is that though!!!! grin

She was in the bathroom earlier, totally safe, and kept opening/shutting the door, Ds was outside and she was telling him "You need moneys to come in" hmm grin poor boy stood there a while before giving up and going to play elsewhere blush

She also, makes a sandy beach on her bedroom floor...hmm All she does it lay a blanket out, I'm not allowed near it, but Ds is...

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