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can anyone shed light on 12 week jabs (DTap, IPV, Hib and Men C) side effects ??

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hemjo1 Sat 11-Jul-09 13:38:22

Hi all

We recently took our 3.5 month son to have his 12 week jabs. all was ok on thursday when he had them without any real fuss or bother...but today (saturday)he is acting real out of sorts...not eating, sleeping 3 hour naps instead of his usual 1.5 hrs, fussy, slight temperature?? can anyone please shed light on behaviour patterns after these jabs, as the nurse just gave us the advice if he wants to sleep let him sleep and that was her only advice on side effects!! Are there any parents out there with their own concerns or experiences with these second lot of jabs? Any feedback would be really appreciated as any jabs are of concern when it involves babies. Thanks in advance

angdon Sat 11-Jul-09 17:35:10

Hi , these symtoms seem pretty normal to whats expected. Try and keep his temp down .

However my eldest after seconed set of Jabs started having seizures and didnt stop untill she was 6 . She is now 11 , i have a 14mth old who i havent vaccinated yet . Im not saying im not going to but i am petrified the same might happen as it was a horrible many years to see her like this .
However ,
I think you have to go with your instincts and apparently the research suggests you should have all of them ! .

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