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Can someone confirm if this is normal growth spurt stuff?

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Powdoc Sat 11-Jul-09 12:19:52

DD is nearly 12 weeks. At 10 weeks, she was starting to settle down into life, sleeping pretty well (generally only waking up once in the night, then waking up for the day about 6:30), feeding naturally spacing to slightly longer than previously (more like 2 to 2 1/2 hours, rather than under 2), etc, etc.

In the last few days, she is feeding more and waking up more at night. Seems like classic 12 week growth spurt stuff.

However, she also seems (for want of a better phrase) a lot more grumpy than she was last week. Yesterday we had three melt-downs that didn't appear to be connected to hunger or tiredness. She is also thrashing around her cot at night. Sometimes asleep, sometimes awake but not distressed by it. Her arms and legs flail about and she grunts, often quite loudly. Could someone let me know whether these are often parts of a growth spurt too? I don't want to automatically blame it all on that if there's really something else bothering her that I should be trying to identify!

Powdoc Sat 11-Jul-09 14:50:10


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