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At what age did your child ride a trike?

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elsmommy Wed 18-May-05 14:50:28

I've been looking at this
It says from 18mths but I can't see dd 19mths been able to do it!!

Gwenick Wed 18-May-05 14:52:17

DS1 couldn't 'ride' his until he was about 2 1/2yrs old - but our next door neighbours little boy was riding on at 18 months,

I strongly recommend spending a little bit more and getting one with a parent handle too.

HandbagAddiction Wed 18-May-05 14:52:26

We have a little tikes trikes for dd who is 20 months. It also says from 18 months to 4 years - but dd cannot reach the pedals at all - so it is too big for her just now. However, it does come with a parent handle. So dd still sits on it and we still go to the park - we just control her with the long handle. She thinks it's great!

NomDePlume Wed 18-May-05 14:52:45

My DD will be 3 in august and is a tall and strong little girl (the same height as the 4 year olds in her nursery group), she can;t ride a trike. She has one with a poarent handle, but she just doesn't have the strength in her legs to get the pedals to go around. Or she'll get them half way and the feet will slip off making her scrape the back of her heels

throckenholt Wed 18-May-05 14:53:43

probably from around 2.5-3 (certainly not from 18 months !)

katierocket Wed 18-May-05 14:54:17

my ds could never ride his tricycle but then about 3 months ago we got him a bike (he's 3.5) and it only took him about a week to get the hang of it. I think trikes are actually harder to read because the pedals are forward IFYKWIM

Nemo1977 Wed 18-May-05 14:55:14

ds is 19mths and has a trike he just cant co ordinate enough to work peddles. He does however love to push himself around on it. He isnt far off working the peddles though but that is just through sheer

I have one with parent handle which is fab for nipping to the shops with a willfull toddler who hates prams

handlemecarefully Wed 18-May-05 14:56:58

dd is 2.10 and can't do it yet - however she is showing an interest in learning so I think she might crack it some time this summer. Her little friend (2.11) mastered the art about 6 weeks ago

elsmommy Wed 18-May-05 14:59:11

I've found a better one with a handle here
Do the handles come off?

flum Wed 18-May-05 14:59:36

my dd can shes 15 months. and she can windsurf

handlemecarefully Wed 18-May-05 15:01:04

Snort! - you're a one you are!

Nemo1977 Wed 18-May-05 15:01:31

the handles do come off on most of them. I got ds one from toys r us and it was £20 with little horn etc but it also has a lap strap so he cant just jump off when crossing the road etc.

collision Wed 18-May-05 15:01:41

The parent handles just clip off at the back.

ds is3.1yrs and still cant ride his trike.

handlemecarefully Wed 18-May-05 15:02:13

The 2nd one is the type that I have got Elsmommy and yes you push them around a lot on it!

Fio2 Wed 18-May-05 15:02:46

neither of them can !!! 5 and 3

can both ride bikes tho

LIZS Wed 18-May-05 15:04:37

dd managed hers last summer at almost 3 but ds never really did before he outgrew it. We have one with parent handle, lockable steering and freewheeler pedals. Until they could pedal they scooted along with their feet.

Most of the handles do remove and some adjust height too as, like a buggy, they can be hard work at the wrong height.

WigWamBam Wed 18-May-05 15:06:26

My dd had one of these and it was a waste of money. She could push herself along on it from about 12 months but the pedals got in the way, and by the time she was pedalling (at turned 3) it was miles too small for her. One with a parent pole would have been much better - or waiting until she was older.

zebraX Wed 18-May-05 18:25:13

DS1 was 24 months.
But DD is 3.5yo,and still can't do it.

singersgirl Wed 18-May-05 20:53:51

DS1 never managed it but started to ride a bike with stabilisers just before he turned 4. DS2, who's now 3.8, still has never pedalled one. I guess my sons are just slow in the pedalling arena! I'd be surprised if many 18 month olds could reach the pedals.

Hulababy Wed 18-May-05 21:01:52

DD has always struggled to peddle a trike. Her first nusery said she could do it around her second birthday, but I saw no evidence of this. However, for her third birthday we bought her a proper bike, with stabilisers and she can ride that on flat surfaces - still can't go up hill though. She is now 3y 1m.

Katemum Wed 18-May-05 21:09:57

We have the winnie the pooh one that is on the same page on the ToysRUs site. She is 11 months old. It has a strap to hold her on. We take her to the park with ds and push her alongside ds on his bike and her face is a picture, she absolutely loves it. The handles just lifts out.

pixel Wed 18-May-05 22:14:14

My dd never managed to pedal her trike so we sold it and put the money towards a little bike with stabilisers. She got on it and rode it straight away!

hoxtonchick Wed 18-May-05 22:19:44

ds rode his from about 2 i think, maybe a bit older.

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