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No real speech at 2.6 ... just discovered split uvula !

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Carrotfly Thu 09-Jul-09 14:57:25

I have been a bit concerned with DD's speech for some time now and mentioned it to HV who recommended SALT at some stage.

However, just discovered she has a split uvula (the dangly thing at the back of the throat) and this has set the ball rolling with SALT meeting next week and a referral to cleft team.

Obviously googling has sent me demented over the past week, and I was wondering if anybody had any words of wisdom on here.

I'm finding it quite difficult to talk about this in RL atm without bursting into tears !

Thanks in advance.

Nunk Thu 09-Jul-09 20:26:06

My DS 3 who is 4 has a split uvula. Which i noticed at 9m when he was crying. He then was unwell and the doctor looked in his throat and said did I know that it was split I said yes. He didnt seem very bothered about it nor is any health proffesional i have mentioned it to.
He also has some speech problems and his speech therapist also doesnt seem to bothered about it either.
I thought it was one of those things that has happened and put it to the back of my mind.
Just thought i would let you know you are not on your own.

Carrotfly Fri 10-Jul-09 10:05:40

Thanks Nunk. Its good to hear there are others out there in a similar situation.

Is your son talking much or is it just sounds that are intelligible to you ? Has the therapy helped at all ? is he progressing ?

DD can say mamma dadda and more quite clearly, but other sounds such as brother and sister names are really only recognisable to the immediate family.

I'm assuming she'll speak eventually and maybe with some difficulty withsome sounds.

Its just at the minute we are in a no-mans land and I've no way of telling if she'll be able to ever talk. sad

Nunk Fri 10-Jul-09 21:17:51

Hi he is talking more clearly now but when he first started to talk it was difficult for people to understand him as nothing made any sense. He too could only say a few words clearly at that age.
He started to use sign language to try to get others to understand him but the problem with this they where his own signs and other people didnt know what he meant.
He has only had 3 sessions of speech therapy, they decided that he misses out initial letter sounds of words and he doesnt use any verbs in his speech and thats what they are working on. He is not to impressed with them though as they give him homework.
His speech has improved on its own as he has got older especialy attending nursery. Where he has to make himself heard and understood, without me to translate for him.
He seems to use the words he needs to get what he wants without any fancy desrciptions eg Me uice pease[me juice please] or lay out front ike [ play out front bike],and missing initial sounds out of some words. It is improving though day by day. smile

Carrotfly Sat 11-Jul-09 14:19:23

Thats really really good to hear Nunk.

I'm so pleased your son is improving day by day. I guess I am a few months behind you, and with nursery looming in September I was beginning to wonder if it was the right thing to send her to. Sounds like it is !

I think I was starting to wonder if she would ever speak and all the social implications that go with it. Its so reassuring to hear of a similar story with a successful outcome.

As someone once said to me 'life is a journey and not a race'. I guess in this case that is true.

Thanks again CF

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