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How to boost dd's confidence?

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roundabout1 Thu 09-Jul-09 14:17:01

My dd will be 4 in aug & although chatty & bubbly in her own group of friends (at home etc)but at pre school is very quiet & I know will be the same when she starts at big school. She went for the afternoon taster session yesterday & didn't speak at all. She's very bright & has very good speech & understanding but her main problem is defintely her confidence or lack of. She does ballet & swimming lessons, loves both but is very serious there as she listens & follows instructions. Wish she would lighten up a bit, anyone would think I was so so strict with her by how she behaves. Any advice??

Seeline Thu 09-Jul-09 15:59:30

Some children are like this. My DD is just finishing Reception and has actually come out of herself alot in that year (she too is a very late birthday) However, there are some in her class who still barely speak, and have to be peeled from their mums at the start of the day (they are not crying or anything, just don't really want to join in). It sounds as though you are doing all the right things, and I think ballet helped my LO with her confidence so keep up with that. I wouldn't put too much on the taster session - it's bound to be overwhelming with strange building, new people etc, even the most confident kids are subdued in that sort of setting!

roundabout1 Thu 09-Jul-09 20:45:31

Thanks Seeline - I wasn't that concerned about it before it's just with September looming it's on my mind a bit.

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