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How can it be this hard to keep an 8 mo happy/entertained?

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Ceebee74 Thu 09-Jul-09 11:17:51


DS2 is a nightmare at the mo - he screeches/screams if he is left in a room by himself for more than 10 seconds (which I know is probably seperation anxiety!) but even if someone is with him, he is never happy.

I sit him in his bumbo with toys, his inflatable nest with toys, let him roll around on the floor, play 'sitting up' games with him (he is not able to sit up without support yet), read him books, play with toys with him...and he is never happy. It just feels like one long round of switching him from one thing to another trying to stop him screeching!

I am finding it impossible to do anything (apart from when he is asleep) and it is getting harder as he is sleeping less so there is more time in the day to try and keep him happy.

Any ideas?? Are my expectations too high (I am pretty sure that DS1 was quite happy to be left for a few minutes and certainly did not need the constant attention that DS2 seems to need). As my mum put it last week when she was looking after him for a couple of hours 'nothing suits'!!

On the plus side he is a fantastic sleeper and is quite happy to be left in his cot (as long as he is tired) which I know some parents would love to have - so I do try and count my blessings but it is so hard when he is screeching so loudly all the time!!

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 09-Jul-09 11:26:21

I wonder if he is starting to get frustrated with his lack of mobility. I think some babies go through a stage of that, if so it should get better when he starts crawling.

In the meantime, do you get out of the house much? It might help to take him out regularly (to the park, baby groups, supermarket) - anything really that means he gets a change of scenery and some movement.

grubbywitch Thu 09-Jul-09 11:32:21

DD was the same at this age. An absolute PITA and I think it was frustration due to not being able to move. She used to moan and whinge constantly. It used to drive me crazy, not a minutes peace.

When she started crawling it got easier. Everyone said it would be harder once she was moving but TBH it made my days a lot more bearable.

And now she is walking (didnt start till 16 months) she is an absolute joy, a lovely litle girl Shes 19 months Everyone comments on how good she is.

So keep repeating 'its just a phase, this will pass'

Pyrocanthus Thu 09-Jul-09 11:40:56

I'm sure Montoya is right - his mind is racing ahead of his body. My very wakeful DD1 loved baby groups, even if all she did was stare at the other babies in astonishment. The stimulation tired her out too.

Of course, once he starts crawling, your life will much easier wink

currymaid Thu 09-Jul-09 11:42:15

DD was like this from 8-10 months and suddenly got better. It was hideous.

Shes still quite high maintenance though.

Ceebee74 Thu 09-Jul-09 11:47:43

Glad I am not alone smile.

Am wondering if it is because of lack of movement - DS1 was crawling at 7 months so, when he was this age, could come and find me/get a toy he wanted etc so maybe never had the frustration of having an 8 month old brain but not able to act with it iyswim.

We do the nursery run twice a day (he has never cried once doing this hmm), I go to the supermarket once a week with him, he goes to a play area once a week with me and DS1 (but he tends to be grumpy there aswell). I am taking him swimming this afternoon.

So I do get out - probably not as much as I could though. But he is not keen on sitting in the pushchair for a long time so shopping trips/days out aren't much fun either (we are going to Thomasland next week for DS1's birthday and can already imagine how grumpy DS2 is going to be!)

currymaid Thu 09-Jul-09 11:49:20

It might be lack of movement. My DD is 11 months and still doesn't move and creates an enormous fuss if any other position than sitting but she has got better whinge-wise recently.

YOu have my deepest sympathy though, I know it's horrible.

marmoset Fri 10-Jul-09 22:42:22

i always thought that my ds2 (now 11) hated being in a baby's body! He cheered up a lot once he could move properly.

My dd is 8mo and I see that you haven't mentioned TV blush. Dh discovered her passion for CBeebies when she was whining about being left. It buys a few mins. I also got her a little posting box and took the lid off - she can't do the fiddly posting but seems to get a lot of pleasure out of putting toys in and out of the box!

mamatilly Sat 11-Jul-09 08:47:16

sorry you are having such a hard time, my baby also 8 mths but has just started crawling and it has eased everything. so hang in there...

in the meantime, do you carry him in a sling atall? i find that can really sooth baby, i use the ergo for front or back carrying, around house or out and about, and baby happy to watch world go by from his perch.

also, baby does love haing a basket of things he can take out and play with, (treasure baskets) - things from kitchen, material, piece of wood etc... it keeps him amused for ages.

hope that helps

Ceebee74 Sat 11-Jul-09 09:49:15

marmoset I have tried the television - I am trying to get him to 'into' INTG so I can at least have a little rest from his screeching during the day (in fact, I am such a bad mummy, I make DS1 watch ITNG at 6pm rather than his usual Fireman Sam in the vain hope DS2 might enjoy it blush) Doesn't seem to work though - DS1 was (and still is) a real TV addict whereas DS2 seems not that bothered!!

Mamatilly love the idea of a treasure basket but am a bit stuck as DS2 can't sit up unaided yet so I can't plonk him on the floor with such a thing.

mamatilly Sat 11-Jul-09 14:30:23

you could always try baby in bumbo and putting basket on a stool/low table within baby's reach? i did that for awhile...

marmoset Sun 12-Jul-09 13:40:31

Hi ceebee - bad luck on the telly! Has he got a door bouncer? My boys loved it although dd not that bothered.

CarGirl Sun 12-Jul-09 13:51:55

Get him one of those galt dinosaurs things, they are V shaped and help support them in the sitting up position or use a ring and then dump treasure basket in front of him.

Ceebee74 Sun 12-Jul-09 20:44:19

Marmoset no door bouncer - I borrowed one from a friend for DS1 but he never really liked it but haven't got it this time round and seems quite expensive when (hopefully) he will be on the move in the next couple of months and not need it.

Cargirl we have a v-shaped cushion but he just falls back constantly (although he has dramatically improved over the last couple of days) so just spend all the time picking him back up again hmm

SenseAndIrritability Sun 12-Jul-09 21:06:14

Ceebee74, you have my full sympathy! DD1 is eight months and is generally so jolly - but all of a sudden she seems constantly disgruntled. Constantly. I was just composing a MN post in my head about how to deal with constant low-level whingeing. All the stuff she usually loves - toys, bouncer, telly, games, trips outside - have failed to cheer her up for more than a few minutes today. I hope this is just a stage and it's over soon... Bring on crawling!

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