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Pushing at so upset by it

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Barmymummy Wed 08-Jul-09 16:30:43

My DS turned 4 last month and has suddenly started pushing at playschool. He did this well before Xmas for a short time but it went away and I thought no more of it.

I am so upset by it, I dread picking him up being pulled aside to be told todays incidents. We have deferred him from starting school until January for some other issues but I just don't understand this need to push.

Could it be linked to the testosterone surge they get around now? Playschool are dealing with it satisfactorily as am I at home on the odd occasion it happens here.

He is a big lad and people tend to see him as older but in reality he is a bit behind his peers/expected age. Just wondering if anyone has been through any similar behaviours etc?

Thanks for reading.

becks57 Wed 08-Jul-09 20:47:26

he's a boy! and he's only 4, and definately copying other kids, so do not worry, he will stop it.I totally understand the big thing though, my little girl looked like she was 4 when she turned 2 and my 18 month year old boy could pass as a 3 year old. don't take any notice of what people say about him, i had loads of people saying things like 'oh she's a bit old to be in a pushchair!' and that sort of thing, i got rude in the end and said she's only 2! and i don't drive into town i walk everywhere, so if she get's tired she just jumps in the buggy, made them embarresed to have said anything in the first place.
my little girl was really good, and little boy is 18 months old and a right handfull and naughty with it, i think as long as you are consistand then you don't need to worry as he'll soon get bored! the only thing is school is excellent at sorting out behavioural problems

slowreadingprogress Wed 08-Jul-09 20:51:22

sounds totally within bounds of normal for this age! Try not to get pressured by the nursery staff telling you each day what he's done; they've dealt with it at the time, just thank them for their help and leave it at that. After all there's nothing else you can or should do in my view; it's been dealt with at nursery.

Barmymummy Wed 08-Jul-09 21:06:49

Thank you both so much, makes me feel alot better. He is being deferred as he has autistic traits which are affecting his speech a little and his socialising skills, both of which are making progress.

Yu are right though, I found myself saying today "what that boy needs is school discipline!".

He needs to be mentally ready for school so hopefully by January he will be. The pushing thing IMO isn't ASD related so find this an extra worry I could do without!

Thanks again.

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