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Please help, my children are so loud :-(

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cupofteaplease Wed 08-Jul-09 09:10:51

I can't bear it anymore. I am a quiet person, my dh is average- our children are so loud. It's really getting me down.

When they play, they can't talk, they are shouting at and over each other. When we are out and about my dd2 (age 2) just walks along bellowing, as in, just shouting anything at full volume as if she's REALLY EXCITED, even just in the supermarket. I've got upset over it again this morning as I was trying to talk to my dh and I just had to walk away as I couldn't hear myself talk over them. I ask them to be quiet, model whispering or talking in an indoor voice- nothing.

Dd1 had hearing problems as a toddler, but those have been rectified now. There's nothing wrong with dd2's hearing. Family always make comments and it's so embarrassing. Nursery haven't commented on it though so I guess they can be quiet when they want to be...

Please, can anyone offer any advice?

muddleduck Wed 08-Jul-09 10:17:42

no advice, but lots of sympathy!


I usually pretend that I can't understand the dss if they are shouting at me. Doesn't help when they are playing together though.

princessmel Wed 08-Jul-09 10:21:24

My 2 are like this sometimes. They seem to get so excited when talking to me about certain things.

I just remind them that I am right next to them and that they don't need to shout. That's all I can do.

And frankly , when mine are playing together I am just grateful that they are doing just that and not arguing.

Btw, our family is very loud anyway. So it must be in their genes....

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